Jolly won’t rise to the bait after Drury fires broadside over Bacon signature

Mildenhall's Danny Halsey (red) and Tom Bacon (blue) lead Stoke's Jon Armstrong (white) and Chris Wi

Mildenhall's Danny Halsey (red) and Tom Bacon (blue) lead Stoke's Jon Armstrong (white) and Chris Widman (yellow) - Credit: Archant

Mildenhall Fen Tigers promoter Kevin Jolly has said he ‘won’t rise to the bait’ after Birmingham Brummies boss Graham Drury described him as “totally inexperienced.”

It comes after Drury revealed how the Surestop Brummies nearly missed out on the signing of Tom Bacon due to the club being led to believe he was a Mildenhall asset.

However, this proved not to be the case and Drury says he hopes Jolly learns from his errors.

Drury explained: “Upon announcing Tom Bacon as a Mildenhall rider prior to the 2015 season, Jolly categorically stated that he’d also signed as a full club asset.

“Because Tom had such a wonderful season with them, you would think a club would be desperate to retain such a promising asset for their team next season too.

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“However, I suddenly heard that Tom had been having talks with a couple of other clubs – something which I found very strange indeed.

“I looked into the matter and had it confirmed by the BSPA (British Speedway Promoters’ Association) that the lad wasn’t actually a Mildenhall asset at all and never had been.

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“As Tom was one of the opposition riders who impressed me most last season, I got straight in touch with him to see if he’d fancy riding for us in 2016.

“He told me how he’d been hoping we’d approach him as we were the one club he would love to ride for and the deal was done in no time at all.

“Kevin Jolly has once again proved how inexperienced he is in this game.

“Jolly has only been around five minutes and he obviously hasn’t learnt the etiquette of the sport.

“He gets himself into these situations and that’s why he’s found himself in front of the management committee before now because he is known for opening his mouth before he engages his brain.”

Jolly, admitted Bacon had signed a contract with the club, which he ‘assumed’ must mean he was a full club asset.

“Yes, I’m a bit inexperienced,” said Jolly.

“I don’t mind admitting that. I have heard what Graham Drury has said about me but I won’t rise to the bait of his comments.

“He can say what he likes, Graham Drury, is well, Graham Drury!”

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