Fuller Flavour: My open letter to Ipswich Town owner Marcus Evans

More than 1,000 Town fans wrapped up well at Ashton Gate for the match against Bristol City. Picture

More than 1,000 Town fans wrapped up well at Ashton Gate for the match against Bristol City. Picture: PAGEPIX LTD - Credit: Pagepix Ltd

In his latest Ipswich Town column, Karl Fuller pens an open letter to Blues owner Marcus Evans...

Another two games out of the way since last week’s column and therefore, another couple of games closer to the end of the season – there’s a positive for you!

The defeat to Hull saw a sixth successive home game without a goal for yours truly and it hurts me to say that I wasn’t even surprised.

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We made Hull look like a top side – something that Birmingham failed to do on Saturday I note. I had wondered what it would take Town fans to dig up the song sung to Paul Jewell the night before he left the club and then it came. Yet that was not enough to force change and so, Mick still remains.

The Bristol City result was perhaps expected but it’s been the away games in recent weeks that have provided a bit of a break from the dross at home. Now there seems no let up anywhere.

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There are several points that I would love to raise to Marcus Evans but know that I’d never get that opportunity. Maybe, somebody at the club could leave the following open letter on his desk:

Dear Marcus,

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The experts tell us to be careful with what we wish for. If during your tenure as owner of our football club has told you anything, you’d know that Ipswich supporters do not really wish for too much.

The Ipswich brand that many of us have grown up on has usually been on a fine mix of entertaining football, the nurturing of our own players through our youth system, a proud partnership between the club and its immediate community and beyond, and an overall product that we can identify with and feel proud of.

Along with so many other Ipswich fans, I currently feel no affinity to any of the above. I have been a proud supporter for almost 40 years but over the past 18 months, I have had every ounce of feeling for the club ripped from me to the point where enough is enough.

I am literally holding on with one hand that is slipping slowly away, when so many in recent times have slipped away altogether.

The easy option is to blame Mick McCarthy. Many do and there are times when Mick does not help himself. Whilst Mick is not completely blameless, he is really our only outlet to vent our dissatisfaction at. It’s about time our concerns were heard and acknowledged by you.

Fans are bored at the football we play, fed up with a lack of any real plan to change anything and worried at the prospects of more of the same for the foreseeable future.

As a businessman who has made a lot of money in the corporate and hospitality business, I am staggered as to how one of the biggest clients in your portfolio is allowing customers (I prefer to call us fans) to simply drift away without drastic actions to not only retain those who remain but to find a solution to entice back those that have left.

I urge you to do the right thing and find a way of making us proud of our club once more. At the very least, all I ask is to listen to those of us that are so detached from our club.

A whole generation of fans are not wanting to come to games, Academy players are not getting a chance of a run in the first-team, our pitch and ground are simply being allowed to deteriorate and it begs the question as to where our future is really going.

Ipswich fans by and large are a patient lot. But we’ve put up with mediocre football for too long now. Whilst we acknowledge we have no divine right to anything at all, we do deserve more from the leadership both on and off the pitch. It is time to deliver!

Yours sincerely,

Karl Fuller

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