Katherine Rednall wins the Risbygate Masters

(L-R) Mike Bowen, John Haydock, Wayne Willgress, Katherine Rednall and Kelvin Morton at the Risbygat

(L-R) Mike Bowen, John Haydock, Wayne Willgress, Katherine Rednall and Kelvin Morton at the Risbygate Masters - Credit: Archant

The much-awaited Risbygate Masters bowls tournament was played out in Bury last Sunday to a packed house of enthusiastic bowlers.

Liam Botten, one of Risbygate’s qualifiers, was drawn with ex-world champion Mervyn King and won through to the quarter final.

Mark Royal, Risbygate’s England International, played Martin Heitzman in a keenly-fought contest which finished with Mark taking the match.

The second session started with Wayne Willgress brushing aside Billy Jackson and Dan Brown knocking out Greg Harlow, this year’s men’s world finalist, which was the second time Greg has lost at Risbygate in recent months.

Martin Rumball, the second Risbygate qualifier, lost to world champion Les Gillett, who recently won the world indoor pairs and was semi-finalist in the world singles, whilst current ladies world champion Katherine Rednall dispatched Martin Spencer, and Mathew Orrey overtook Rebecca Field.

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In the quarter- final Botten lost out to Willgress and Royal saw off Graham Smith. Brown went down to Mathew Orrey and Rednall wore down Les Gillett.

The semi-final line up produced even more excitement with the home crowd willing on Royal – however Willgress held strong and made it through. On the other rink, Orrey came up against a determined ladies champion and had to settle for second best which made the final a battle between Wilgress and Rednall.

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After a hard fought game, Rednall proved why she is the ladies world champion, running out the winner with a final score of 9-6 7-5.

Results: Round 1: Liam Botten bt Mervyn King 6-5 6-7 2-1; Wayne Willgress bt Billy Jackson 3-5 5-3 2-0; Mark Royal bt Martin Heitzman 9-2 11-1; Graham Smith bt Ellen Falkner 7-2 2-7 2-0; Danny Brown bt Greg Harlow 2-7 6-1 2-1; Mathew Orrey by Rebecca Field 5-4 9-6; Katherine Rednall bt Martin Spencer 6-5 6-5; Les Gillett bt Martin Rumball 6-5 9-1. Quarter-finals: Willgress bt Botten 3-8 11-4 2-0; Royal bt Smith 9-6 2-7 2-0; Orrey bt Brown 9-1 8-0; Rednall bt Gillett 4-9 5-4 2-0. Semi-finals: Willgress by Royal 3-4 8-3 2-1; Rednall bt Orrey 9-4 6-5. Final: Rednall bt Willgress 9-6, 7-5.

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