Kings dethroned by dominant Fen Tigers

Mildenhall rounded off their National Trophy campaign with a convincing win against the Kent ‘Kings’ at West Row.

Mildenhall rounded off their National Trophy campaign with a convincing win against the Kent ‘Kings’ at West Row.

The three points claimed in a 54-39 victory confirmed their place as runners-up in this year’s competition.

After a number of early crashes some fine races ensured that the crowd were well entertained, with for a second meeting running Captain Danny Halsey and young Josh Bates the stars. Halsey in particular was in superb form, winning his opening race in a time just over a second outside the track record before denying both Ben Morley and Steve Boxall when the visitors were on Tactical Rides! After making the gate against Morley he saw the Kent rider pass him down the back straight only to line up the perfect blast around the first two bends of lap two to pull away for a fine victory. This was equalled in a super race in Heat 11 where Boxall pushed the Fen Tigers Captain all the way without being able to get close enough to pass. Another fine gate in Heat 13 saw Halsey blast round the outside of the Kent pair of Boxall and Compton, before a brilliant Heat 15 saw Boxall get the upper hand with Halsey sliding off when making his challenge.

After the meeting Halsey was disappointed to miss out on his maximum “I am pretty gutted to be honest, I can’t remember feeling this good on the bike as I do just now, the set up seems to be working perfectly and I feel very confident. I was geed up for today as I knew I would be up against Steve Boxall this afternoon. Back in my Rye House days Steve and Eddie Kennett were the two riders I really looked up to, so I am pleased to have beaten him twice today. I am enjoying my riding at the moment and love being Captain”.

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Kent were unfortunate to lose new signing Mark Baldock after he fell in his first ride, suffering a suspected broken collar bone, but a lack of support for the top three saw them struggle to make much impression on the meeting. It was a day that both Mildenhall reserves also struggled to make an impression as Club Chairman Kevin Jolly pointed out -

“We need to get our reserves going sooner rather than later with the League getting under way, and Liam has an engine with Chris (Louis) this week as we look to get him going. Next Sunday we have a big meeting in the League with the Isle of Wight visiting, but we also have a training / practise day on Saturday where hopefully all the team will be in attendance and we can get any problems ironed out and set ups sorted ready for Sunday. I can’t speak highly enough of Josh and Dan, both are riding brilliantly for us, Josh looking fast and controlled, whilst Danny seems to have the belief in himself that we have always had and has really stepped up his game. He seems to have his bikes set-up just right and is looking quick and has the winning mentality. Being Captain also seems to have helped him”

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Mildenhall: - Branford 10+1 (4), Baseby 6+1 (4), Bates 13 (5), Armstrong 6 (4), Halsey 12 (5), Rumsey 4 (4) and Stoneman 3+1 (4).

Kent : Boxall 13 (5 incl 4 point TR), Baldock 0 (1), Morley 12+1 (5 incl 4 point TR), Coles 2 (4), Compton 6 (4), Geary 3+1 (5) and Kirby 3+3 (6).

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