Evans is searching for ‘right kind of manager for how we want the club to develop’ – Klug

Bryan Klug will lead Ipswich Town until the end of the season. Picture: EADT

Bryan Klug will lead Ipswich Town until the end of the season. Picture: EADT

Ipswich Town caretaker boss Bryan Klug has called for positivity while owner Marcus Evans searches for the management team that is ‘the right fit for the club’.

Long-serving coach Klug has been temporarily promoted from his esteemed role within the academy to guide Town through their final four Championship fixtures following Mick McCarthy dramatically quitting in the wake of Tuesday night’s 1-0 home win against Barnsley.

A mix of anger and apathy has gripped Blues fans during a prolonged period of stagnation and that is what Klug is keen to combat heading into tomorrow’s game at Nottingham Forest.

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Describing the seemingly broken relationship between touchline and terrace as ‘really sad and concerning’, he said: “Hopefully we can put all that behind us and can all enjoy what is a great football club. By the end of this month if some things have started to knit back together then that will be a success for me.”

The 57-year-old continued: “Marcus is going through a process and I have said I will cover for as long as he needs. Hopefully we can all help him to get the right management team in here that is the right fit for the club.

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“I have no agenda. This is not what I do. I haven’t got the qualities, and I don’t want some of the qualities, that I think you need to cope with this job.”

He added: “There are certain things that have happened. It’s wrong that the manager of Ipswich Town has to be escorted from a ground (Brentford). That’s what has prompted me having to be here and that should never, ever happen. That’s not the club I know. That’s not the people I know. And that’s all I really want to say about that.

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“What I really want to say is ‘can we be positive now?’ Can we please be positive? I can’t stress that enough.”

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Going on to say that fans would need to be patient regarding a long-term plan to develop young players, he added: “I think the club needs to communicate that plan better. That’s obviously something that Marcus is going to do (via a promised video interview with the club website).

“I know he is going through a real process to find the right kind of manager for how we want the club to develop, but that’s not for me to really talk about.

“All I can tell you that he is doing things in a way that makes real good sense in terms of taking the club forwards.”