Lanham hoping to get back on track against Newcastle

IT’S been a tough return to ‘Sackers’ Witches colours for Ipswich No.1 Leigh Lanham.

IT’S been a tough return to ‘Sackers’ Witches colours for Ipswich No.1 Leigh Lanham.

The Ipswich-born racer lines up for the Foxhall side tonight in his team’s first Premier League meeting of the season against Newcastle Diamonds.

And he knows, as yet, he hasn’t hit the heights expected of him.

“It’s been a funny start for me,” he admits.

“I just haven’t got on a roll, but I think that’s the same for most riders. It’s been such a stop-start season and you need to keep racing.

“Last week at Foxhall against Rye House the first race felt like pre-season practice all over again.”

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Lanham was brought back into the Foxhall side after injuries to Taylor Poole and Morten Risager.

His average meant he went straight to the No.1 position and his recent Foxhall performances when riding against the Witches suggested big things were to come.

However, despite some eye-catching rides, those scores haven’t arrived as yet – and no-one is more disappointed about that than Lanham.

“I’m disappointed, of course I am. But I’m not worried,” he admitted.

“All of us just need a run of meetings to get ourselves up and running and things will start to get easier.

“It’s now going to get very busy for all of us and that’s what speedway riders want. You don’t earn any money sitting at home.

“Up to now I haven’t had many heat 15 rides, but that’s my fault for not being one of the top scorers. But everyone knows me and what I can do and if the team wins, that’s the most important thing anyhow.”

Lanham and his Ipswich team-mates will face a stiff task tonight against a Newcastle side that boast Foxhall experts Mark Lemon and Stuart Robson, as well as the in-form Worrall brothers at reserve.

With the Witches still operating rider/replacement for Poole, they can’t afford to have riders off-colour in what is the first of two home meetings in the space of five days – the Witches race at home to Sheffield in the Premier League on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.

“It’s going to be a hectic month,” Lanham said.

“I’m riding for Coventry at Eastbourne on Saturday night too, and with the Witches at Plymouth on Friday, that’s four meetings in five days for me, but that’s what speedway riders enjoy.”

Tonight’s teams

Ipswich Witches: 1. Leigh Lanham 7.53, 2. R/R, 3. Kevin Doolan � 7.19, 4. Dakota North 5.83, 5. Mathieu Tresarrieu 6.87, 6. Cameron Heeps 3.00, 7. Rohan Tungate 5.00

Newcastle Diamonds: 1. Stuart Robson 8.90, 2. Christian Henry 5.83, 3. Ludvig Lindgren 5.69, 4. Claes Nedermark 5.96, 5. Mark Lemon (C) 8.70, 6. Steve Worrall 3.78, 7. Richie Worrall 4.31

AFTER tonight’s meeting there is more Anglian Junior League action with the AJL Ipswich Witches facing local rivals the Kings Lynn Lightening team.

BELLE Vue have moved back into the transfer market to sign experienced Czech international Ales Dryml.

The Aces will re-shuffle their line-up for their Elite League trip to Birmingham on Thursday.

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