Letters: Ipswich Town fans want entertainment and investment if they are to renew their season tickets

The Ipswich Town fans in the 2-1 win over Leeds

The Ipswich Town fans in the 2-1 win over Leeds - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

The early bird deadline for Portman Road season ticket renewals is midday Monday. Ipswich Town supporters have been sending in their thoughts.

Town fans at Molineux on Saturday

Town fans at Molineux on Saturday


My mate and I have had a season ticket for the last six seasons but will not be renewing.

Last season felt special because there was a real feel of underdogs against the big-money boys and every win or dogged away point felt special. This season, a bright start that was never built on. After the 5-1 defeat at Reading it has felt like no risks have been taken.

When Mick McCarthy was appointed we thought ‘well at least he’ll sort the defence’. Which he did. But now we don’t get defensive solidity or exciting attacking play. It feels like there’s no reason to go any more.

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Without Mick we’d be in League One and if he goes we’ll be in another relegation dogfight because we simply cannot compete financially with other promotion chasing teams. But despite this he still frustrates us fans. Why not take some risks against teams at the wrong end of the table?

Mick has worked miracles with next to nothing but next season will be the same as this or worse without significant investment. There’s only so much he can do. If he goes, I can’t blame him.

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I always support, I never boo. If I’m peeved with our performance I’ll just keep quiet and then vent on the journey home. There’s just nothing to draw me in any more.

I leave my young family for six to seven hours, 23 times a season and for what? Give me a reason to be a regular ‘customer’ because what’s on offer at Portman Road is insipid and uninspiring.

Ian Byrne


I was a season ticket holder for many years, travelling from Luton, but then I had children which made the experience too expensive. This is the first season I haven’t been to Portman Road for 20 years.

I think Marcus Evans has done a good job for our club and in Mick he has a great manager. However, Mick can’t move the club onto the next level with the resources he has at his disposal. He needs help in the form of investment.

Ipswich don’t have the quality players to unlock defences. The midfield is organised but not creative. We don’t have a Jim Magilton.

Being in the Championship for 15 years has taken its toll. We are just treading water. This is mirrored by the performances on the pitch. We attack without conviction because we are afraid of losing a goal.

Marcus Evans doesn’t want to spend just in case the players are a flop so he makes no money available for the top players.

It’s like stagnation has set in. No movement on the pitch, no movement off the pitch. So we all anticipate the next move by Marcus Evans. Or non-move perhaps.

John Blagg


Reluctantly, after 19 years of being season ticket holders in the North Stand, my husband and I are not renewing. This has been a difficult decision but if Marcus Evans will not contribute why should we, for very little entertainment?

Hopefully we will return one day and will keep our fingers crossed for a change.

Anita Curtis


My family don’t have season tickets this season because we chose not to renew them last year. Before that we had been season ticket holders for the previous six years.

That means we had seen the team through the turmoil of Roy Keane’s bad-tempered tenure, the false dawn of the cheeky chappie Paul Jewell and the building optimism of the Mick McCarthy era. At the end of last season, we felt the writing was on the wall. Last year was undeniably exciting. We stole a place in the play-offs against all expectation. It was never really believable that we would win them though.

I have been a staunch defender of Mick McCarthy. He offers terrific value in the media. He makes us chuckle and he makes us nod along sagely. But even his advocates acknowledge that he is stubborn.

All of which might be moot if the owner had any real aspiration. It just seems like another business in his portfolio. It feels like he’s happy to wait for lightning to strike.

I still love the Town. It is a true family club, and the atmosphere at Portman Road – even on the quiet days – is great. I think the supporters know enough about football, and enough about life, to judge when to get excited and when to sit in peace. I will still go to games (nine this season), but am I prepared to stump up for four season tickets and commit to going week in, week out? No thanks.

Dominic Laycock


It’s been a hugely frustrating time since Christmas and it’s very difficult to see a sensible way forward if the owner won’t invest at a level to compete with what will be at least 10 other serious teams in this league next season.

With the return of Bishop and McGoldrick there must be a temptation to give Mick McCarthy at least the first 10 games next season to see how things begin because I am not sure we can attract a quality coach unless we search the lower leagues.

Peter Cohen


There is no other business like football that can offer such poor value for money and all in the safe knowledge of unsatisfied customers returning for more.

Year-after-year, many don’t think about renewing, especially if it all happens automatically – and I include myself in that. However, there comes a time when enough is enough. We should not be seen as automatic funders of the coffers. We should expect some degree of entertainment in return and, based on the dross served up this season, I fully understand why some won’t be renewing.

I’m sure that no fan expects an unrealistic return for their hard-earned cash, especially us Ipswich fans.

All I ask for is a performance every now and then to be proud of.

Ipswich Town are very lucky that after 14 years in the Championship, they still have the numbers that turn up to games that they have.

By and large, we have a loyal fan base. But, bit-by-bit, they’re having the life bored out of them and I sincerely hope that the summer yields signings and a different approach to our style of play to get us all buzzing once more.

Karl Fuller

I would really like to cancel all four of our family season tickets. That is easier said than done though as Ipswich has been part of my life for the last 40 years.

Let’s face it we are getting absolutely zero entertainment at the moment. Going to Portman Road is a complete chore.

I often hear the current situation being compared to the ‘dark days’ of John Duncan, but if we watched one of his games back now it would look like Dutch ‘total football’ compared to Mick’s dire stuff. I do wonder what the late, great Bobby Robson would make of it?

My children have only ever seen us in the Championship. One play-off season. One Cup semi-final. No promotion joy. No relegation heartache. Nothing. Year-after-year of nothing and now, to boot, the football is atrocious. Will we renew our season tickets? I remain remotely hopeful that something will change, but, if not, then I think our seats will be empty next season.

Russell Mariner

I’ve been a season ticket holder ever since our relegation and will be renewing again, but that’s a decision made with my heart, not head. Yes, I must be crazy.

I like Mick but his stubborness and his constant playing of players out of position has got to me now. I know two people who sit next to me will not be renewing and they have been coming just as long as me. They would rather spend money on something they enjoy.

All I ask for is to be entertained. I don’t mind losing if we play half-decent football.

Dan Crick

After 16 years I have, with a heavy heart, decided not to renew for next season.

Why? The standard of entertainment has dropped too much to make me want to go and spend hard-earned cash and, more importantly, precious free time at Portman Road.

If next season is going well then I’ll jump on the half season ticket bandwagon, but I fear that won’t be the case. Come August my heart will be gagging to go again but I will listen to my head and spend the time doing something more worthwhile.

Andrew Sandford

I’ve renewed and so have the rest of my group of friends in the North Stand because we’re here to support our team. It’s too easy to forget the dire straits we were in back in October 2012. We look likely to fall short this season, but that’s not for lack of effort and commitment. I’m delighted we have a team to be proud of now, wherever we end up this season.

Martin Talbot

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