LETTERS: Please prove me wrong Mr McCarthy because we are bored

Ipswich Town fans watch on as their side go down to a limp 1-0 home defeat to rivals Norwich City

Ipswich Town fans watch on as their side go down to a limp 1-0 home defeat to rivals Norwich City - Credit: Archant

The EADT and Ipswich Star has received numerous letters, e-mails and tweets from Ipswich Town fans following last weekend’s 1-0 home defeat to rivals Norwich City. Here is a flavour of the reaction.

Dear Sir,

As a long standing (and suffering) Town supporter, I would like to air my views on what I believe is already panning out to be yet another below average season.

I would like to start by admitting I am not a McCarthy fan. I was never excited by his original appointment and had my head in my hands when he was ‘rewarded’ for last year’s ‘success’ with a new contract.

True, he prevented relegation, but I felt any decent manager could have achieved it with the players he inherited.

We all know that we have no creative streak to our game as is shown quite clearly by our poor results over the past 12 games.

Last season we had just beaten Brighton away and Derby at home with arguably the best two performances of the season. What do we do? We drop the one player (Wordsworth) who passed forwards to Williams and the recall of Mick’s apparent favourite player (Skuse). Jonny’s game went backwards, as did Town’s.

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We then have 12 games of mediocrity; against Forest, who at the time could not win to save their lives, hidings from Watford and Blackburn, scraping a win against mighty Doncaster, who ended up relegated and being totally outclassed by Bournemouth. Yet the season was apparently a success!

Let’s fast forward past the meaningless pre-season friendlies and we start with a bang against Fulham’s youth team of the previous season. We get dumped out of the cup by mighty Crawley, we go to Reading and lose to their reserves, then scrape a draw at Birmingham.

But it doesn’t matter lads as we’ve got the big one on Saturday...

It’s McCarthy’s own team and his tactics that have been boring us for over a season now. If fortunes don’t change soon, with results and style, I can assure him that fans will find better things to do with their time.

One final observation. The main picture on page 58 in Monday’s EADT says it all, with some supporters sitting there arms folded, others looking round, one even checking her nail varnish! Yes we are bored of what’s on offer Mr McCarthy.

Prove me wrong...


Kevin Johnson

Dear Sir

Although I am far from happy the way Marcus and Mick are running our ‘Dear Club’, what with the high matchday ticket prices and certain transfer dealings, I am surprised about the comments on the net by so many supporters stating the lack of effort by the Town players on Saturday.

I felt they all put in a terrific shift and could so easily have come away with a draw which I think most people would have been more than happy with. My main concern is what our scouts are doing to earn their money!


John Forster, Stowmarket


Find some of the ‘Mick out’ calls very strange. We would be in League One without him. Keane & Jewell (not his fault) were taking us one direction – down.

– @Ipswichmark

Still got a trapped nerve in my neck! Long ball game has done this to me! Hopefully five pills a day will sort it. #BlameMcCarthy

– @SuffolkCollects

Having stayed away following the #ncfc game, now catching up on the reaction to the performance. Still in the MM camp, but fear for #itfc.

– @SimonReynoldsUK

Town fans, we have had a horrible start to the season but that’s all it is. We will recover. Mick is not going anywhere. If you were to suggest that then you clearly don’t have a clue.

– @IpswichFanzone

#ITFC style is boring and we were terrible versus Norwich, but we shouldn’t forget what Mick took over. He deserves a crack at taking us further...

– @tomslegg

As an #ITFC season ticket holder I am available to any Manchester United supporters for lessons in how to deal with disappointment and underachievement

– @SirTimKenny

You see Marcus Evans: you don’t need a high profile manager, just a young one with vision (like Karl Robinson). #itfc had them once: Sir Bobby and George B.

– @DonavanTim

Might go and support Rotherham. They’re basically Ipswich now.

– @callis1987

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