Louis demands winning mentality as five are signed up for Witches 2016

Chris Louis, looking for a stronger mental approach from his 2016 side

Chris Louis, looking for a stronger mental approach from his 2016 side - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches supremo Chris Louis is demanding a winning mentality from the 2016 Witches side he is currently assembling.

Louis admits to having five riders already confirmed for next season, with one more signing shortly.

The team is expected to be officially announced in a couple of weeks.

But while fans take punts at who they would like to see in the Witches Premier League septet next season, Louis is remaining tight-lipped until the full team is unveiled – although he has already stated what he wants to see from the side.

“I have said 2016 will be a totally different approach from us all at Foxhall and I mean that,” Louis said.

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“I’m not just talking about the team make-up, I’m talking about the mentality of the team I put together.

“I want a winning mentality from all seven riders.

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“There will be no three-line whip approach, but neither will there be any guarantee of a place in the side if riders aren’t performing to their abilities.

“It’s a team sport and I want a team approach from them all next season.

“I think one thing that has been lost from speedway over the years is a team ethic – I want that at Foxhall.”

Most fans will be desperate to know the make-up of the Witches 2016 side and while Louis is saying nothing, there are expected to be quite a few changes to a side that under performed last summer.

“It’s well-known Gino Manzares won’t be back with us because of visa issues,” Louis said.

“But I’m not saying any more than that at the moment.

“We have the AGM to finish this week and I want to announce the team when the team is complete.

“I do have five riders already confirmed, almost six, and I think it’s a good team.

“Then again I thought last season we had a good team and so did most pundits but our results didn’t show that. If you ask me am I happy with the team as it is unfolding for next year? – I’ll say, yes I am.”

The Witches face a big outlay off-track this winter with the club requiring a new air fence. It’s a cost Louis knows the club will have to swallow.

“It’s a challenge for us to make sure we run the club effectively next year,” Louis said.

“A ball-park figure for the air fence is £20,000, which is a lot of money for a club our size.

“But I’m determined we will rise to the challenge. I want to make the club better and better going forward. I can assure fans things are afoot.

With Manzares a definite non-starter for the Witches in 2016 and Rohan Tungate expected to move on, it will be interesting to see who Louis decides to retain next year.

Danny King and Nico Covatti are top of Louis’ wish-list and it would be a major surprise if they did not return. Stefan Nielsen is another who did okay in 2015 – after that one suspects places are up for grabs.

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