Louis explains decision behind move to yellow and black race suits

Witches Director of Speedway Chris Louis pictured during the Ipswich Speedway Practice Day at Foxhal

Witches Director of Speedway Chris Louis pictured during the Ipswich Speedway Practice Day at Foxhall Stadium. Picture: Steve Waller www.StephenWaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches Director of Speedway, Chris Louis has explained the decision by the Foxhall Heath-based club to turn to gold and black for their club race suit kevlars this season.

Some fans have questioned the colour scheme which is different to the usual, blue, black and white of Witches kevlars in recent years.

But Louis is more than happy with the way his team looks heading into tomorrow night’s opening meeting against Scunthorpe at Foxhall Heath.

“I think the suits look great and so have many other people I’ve spoken to,” he said.

“Yes, we have moved away from the usual blue, black and white of years gone by, but we have had yellow and black in race suits in other years. They are not colours we have never used before.”

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Main team sponsors, Tru7.com have predominately yellow and black as their corporate colours and Louis acknowledges that was very much behind the thinking of the 2016 race suits.

“Our main team sponsors, Tru7.com have the corporate image colouring of yellow and black and it’s only right we look to accommodate that.”

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“We are very lucky to have such good sponsors on board and we live in a different world today. We are not bowing to corporate identity, far from it, we are embracing it.

“I think the suits look great and under lights they are going to look awesome.

“Perhaps yellow and black suits might change our luck too and see us win a few trophies!”

The Witches begin their 2016 season Thursday night with a League Cup clash against Scunthorpe Scorpions.

The Lincolnshire-based team are led by Josh Auty – the rider who had a controversial clash with Witches’ star Rohan Tungate last season, which led to Tungate being banned.

“When I first saw the Scunthorpe line-up, I sort of thought they won’t be up there,” Louis said.

“But now, having seen their team on paper, I think they will be one of the players in the league.

“I think the Premier League is going to be tough again this season but it’s up to us how we approach it. We want a good start.”

In Thursday’s EADT and Ipswich Star, read the Danny King column, plus a full Witches v Scunny meeting preview.

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