Louis on the look out for ‘out-and-out No.1’

IPSWICH ‘Sackers’ Witches director Chris Louis has said his team will start 2013 with an ‘out-and-out No.1’.

IPSWICH ‘Sackers’ Witches director Chris Louis has said his team will start 2013 with an ‘out-and-out No.1’.

He also wants no-one to doubt the ambitions of the Foxhall club – to get back into the Elite League.

The Witches are in action at Foxhall Stadium tonight against Sheffield Tigers in a Premier Challenge Trophy, still hunting down three pieces of silverware – the Challenge Trophy, KOC and League Cup.

But it’s the Premier League title that has eluded them this season and Louis admits that has proved very frustrating.

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“This year has been a big disappointment Premier League-wise and I hate to say it,” Louis admitted.

“I’m not sure our opening-night injuries are all to blame, I sense things might have been just the same.

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“I know fans say we need an out-and-out No.1, well next season they are going to get one.

“When I took us down to the Premier League I said I want to re-build the club. Nothing has changed and I want us back in the Elite League, having won the Premier League.”

Quite who is on Louis’ radar as a No.1 remains to be seen, maybe Josh Auty or Nikolai Klindt, but for now the Ipswich boss is staying tight-lipped.

Tonight’s Premier Challenge Trophy is split between two groups, Ipswich, Sheffield and Rye House, with Berwick, Glasgow and Redcar competing in the other. The winner of each group will face each other in a two-legged final.

And while Ipswich will want to do well, the Witches riders are riding for their Ipswich futures tonight too.

Ipswich ‘Sackers’ Witches

1. Leigh Lanham 6.79, 2. Morten Risager 6.26, 3. Taylor Poole 6.16, 4. Dakota North 6.47, 5. Rohan Tungate 6.78, 6. Mat Tresarrieu 5.78, 7. Stefan Nielsen (Guest)

Team Manager: Pete Simmons

Sheffield ‘Window Centre’ Tigers

1 Josef Franc 7.13, 2 Hugh Skidmore 6.14, 3 R/R, 4 Richard Hall (C) 7.00, 5 Ricky Wells 6.61, 6 Joe Haines 4.93, 7 Chris Schramm 5.35

Team Managers: David Hoggart/Nigel Hinchliffe

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