Louis set to make one and possibly two signings

IPSWICH ‘Sackers’ Witches director of speedway Chris Louis says there will be one and possibly two new signings to aid his injury-hit squad.

IPSWICH ‘Sackers’ Witches director of speedway Chris Louis says there will be one and possibly two new signings to aid his injury-hit squad.

That’s the situation Louis and the Foxhall club find themselves in after confirmation that both Morten Risager (crushed vertabrae) and Taylor Poole (broken arm), will be out for some time.

Both were involved in high-speed crashes at Foxhall on Thursday night to dampen the start of the new season for Witches fans.

However, Louis is determined to keep the show going.

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“It’s a huge shame because the boys had all started to bond,” he said.

“They had been together for a couple of weeks now and I know the rest of the boys are devastated for Morten and Taylor.

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“Morten’s injury is longer term than Taylor’s, it could be three to six months. Taylor’s arm is broken, but isn’t as bad as it looked at track side. But he will still be out for a while.

“But we have to re-group. We will put out as competitive a side as we can at Rye House on Saturday night, and then we have the Star of Anglia at Foxhall on Thursday. Of course there will be a change or maybe two to the team.

“But we need to let the next few days settle and see what develops.

“Despite the injuries I thought there were plus points on the night. I though Cam Heeps and Rohan Tungate rode very well, scoring about 20 points between them. They have a big future with us.”

One rider being linked with a Witches return is Leigh Lanham who would seem an obvious replacement for Poole as he is currently only on a short-term contract with Rye House.

“Leigh Lanham is definitely an option for us,” admitted Louis.

“But he’s one of a few options we have. He’s our rider and he likes the track the way it is now and if it was right for us, we wouldn’t hestitate to use him.”

One or two fans have queried whether there was something wrong with the track on Thursday night that led to so many crashes, but Louis refutes that.

“There was absolutely nothing wrong with the track, it was in perfect order,” Louis added.

“The problem was that too many riders were going for it too much too early in the season. I don’t know why.”

n MEANWHILE praise has been heaped from all quarters on the St John Ambulance and chief paramedic Jason Gillingham, who were kept so busy at Foxhall on Thursday night.

Graham Page, Deputy Commissioner, for St John Ambulance Suffolk, said: “This was an exceptionally busy night for us at the speedway.

“In a very hectic year we might see 10 riders transported to hospital, but three in one night is quite exceptional.”

He added: “I’m very proud of how the St John Ambulance team responded. Everyone is a volunteer and we were utilising in the region of �250,000 worth of equipment at Ipswich on Thursday night, all funded by charity donations. That proves our vital the role is for events such as this.”

St John Ambulance Suffolk has been providing support at Speedway events in Suffolk for over 50 years.

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