Majority of home meetings on a Friday for Panthers

PETERBOROUGH Speedway have announced their 2013 Elite League fixtures.

PETERBOROUGH Speedway have announced their 2013 Elite League fixtures.

And in a welcome move, the Readypower Panthers have confirmed the majority of home matches will take place on Friday evenings, which it is hoped will enable families to attend on a regular basis.

Panthers’ Elite League campaign kicks off in mouth-watering fashion with a home and away local derby against rivals King’s Lynn on Good Friday (March 29), with the Showground fixture taking place in the afternoon at 2pm.

Prior to that, the club expect to launch the season with a Challenge match, details of which should be available in the near future.

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Another eagerly-awaited double header features the now-traditional clashes with Coventry, which this time take place on Spring Bank Holiday (May 27).

Reigning Elite League Champions Swindon will make two visits to the Showground, including an early-season clash on April 12 whilst King’s Lynn, Coventry, Belle Vue and Eastbourne are the other clubs to face the Panthers twice at home and twice away.

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The visit of Poole, who have topped the Elite League table ahead of the play-offs for the past three years and include World Champion Chris Holder, is scheduled for Friday May 9, and Peterborough are delighted to once again have been chosen as the staging venue for the Premier League Fours on Sunday July 14.



Fri 29 King’s Lynn (2pm) EL HOME

Fri 29 King’s Lynn (7pm) EL Away


Fri 5 Eastbourne EL HOME

Fri 12 Swindon EL HOME

Mon 15 Belle Vue EL Away

Thu 25 Swindon EL Away

Fri 26 Belle Vue EL HOME


Thu 2 Reserved . HOME

Thu 9 Poole EL HOME

Fri 10 Lakeside EL Away

Mon 27 Coventry (Time TBC) EL HOME

Mon 27 Coventry (Time TBC) EL Away

Wed 29 King’s Lynn EL Away

Thu 30 Reserved EL HOME


Fri 7 Wolverhampton EL HOME

Mon 10 Belle Vue EL Away

Fri 14 Eastbourne EL HOME

Mon 17 Wolverhampton EL Away

Thu 27 Belle Vue EL HOME


Sat 6 Eastbourne EL Away

Fri 12 King’s Lynn EL HOME

Sun 14 Premier League Fours Fours HOME

Mon 22 Birmingham EL HOME


Fri 9 Swindon EL HOME

Mon 12 Reserved HOME

Wed 14 Poole EL Away

Thu Swindon EL Away

Mon 19 Lakeside TBC EL HOME

Wed 21 Birmingham EL Away

Fri 23 Coventry EL HOME

Mon 26 Coventry EL Away

Sat 31 Eastbourne EL Away


Mon 2 Reserved . HOME

Mon 9 Reserved . HOME

Mon 16 Reserved . HOME

Mon 23 Reserved Play offs HOME

Mon 30 Reserved Play offs HOME


Mon 7 Reserved Play offs HOME

Mon 14 Reserved Play offs HOME

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