McCarthy thinks Evans wants him to stay and insists ‘I’m not going to be driven out by a small section of fans’

Ipswich Town boss Mick McCarthy is out of contract this summer. Photo: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town boss Mick McCarthy is out of contract this summer. Photo: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town boss Mick McCarthy spoke openly about his uncertain future at this morning’s press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Championship game at Preston. STUART WATSON posed the questions.

Q: You’ve had the joy at Sunderland, a bit of stick against Burton, the ecstasy and the agony of the Norwich game and then you’re left fuming at the ref in midweek. You certainly go through the range of emotions in this job don’t you?

A: You’ve noticed!”

Q: 25 years in this game now – do you still get that buzz or are there moments where you think ‘why am I putting myself through this?’

A: I’m only 42 you know, I’ve weathered well haven’t?! I still get the buzz from it, of course I do. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t. The disappointments are horrible but the good times are great.

I still get the buzz from coming in here, coming in and doing my job on the training ground and managing the club and being part of it every day.

The games, that’s the highs and lows and that’s the real stuff. I get a buzz from it every day.

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Q: What does Mrs McCarthy say about it all? What does she say when you walk in the door with emotions still high?

A: She says ‘hello love, come in, have a beer and sit down. A cold towel for the head. Does she ‘eck!

She’s been my best supporter for, well, 38 years this year, since we’ve been married. She continues to be that. She’s just a mum, a grandma and my support.

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Q: Football’s an addiction for you isn’t it? Winning is an addiction for you...

A: Yes. It’s not just the games, you can’t have just the games of course and simply turn up and have the games on a Tuesday and a Saturday. You have to go through this (media), all the daily routine, but I don’t find that a routine, it’s all enjoyable and I love that part of it.

All it is, is a build-up to the games, though, the parts everybody else cares about. And I’m lucky enough to still be sat on that touchline getting happy, getting sad, getting angry, emotional and fired up for every time we play.

Q: We keep talking about your future but you’ve said before, whether it’s here or somewhere else, you still have that burning desire to be in the game.

A: I have, yes. And I look at my club, this club, at the moment and think the players that are here and will be here next year – and think ‘please God’ for them as much as anybody that they are injury free – that we have a good squad.

I still have to discuss that with Marcus (Evans), but if he wants me to stay then I will certainly consider that. And that’s where it’s at. Marcus has to want me to stay and not anybody else. It has to be the club.

Q: What will be the things under consideration for you if that offer is forthcoming from the owner?

A: Well that’s for me and Marcus to discuss and not for public airing at the moment. I am due to speak to him and I speak to him on a regular basis, but not about that.

I spoke to him the other night about the game, how it went, but we’ll be sitting down to talk about that shortly.

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Q: You sound as if you think this club could be in good shape going forwards with the players coming back from injury and youngsters coming through.

A: Despite everything that goes on I think it is (in good shape) and it’s managed well, this place is, the club is. I can’t always guarantee results or performances, nobody can, no matter how much they’ve got, but it’s a good club and I’m particularly happy here as well.

I’m not wanting to leave. You’ve asked me about Luke Hyam and David McGoldrick and that’s the same – their contracts are up and there’s nothing you can do unless somebody wants you to stay.

It’s interesting, I’m just reading Carlo Ancelotti’s book – it’s great – and he talks about cycles. He says ‘while you’re there just make sure you make the best you possibly can of it’.

He also says ‘it’s nice to be loved and wanted’ and I thought ‘well yeah, it is’. Until we find out if that’s the case then I won’t know will I?!

Q: As much as being wanted by Marcus, as well as the fans, is that what you’re saying?

A: Listen, fans fluctuate on performances and results and, by the way, it’s not all the fans. It’s a small section of them, I believe, who have decided it’s me they don’t want, they want somebody else.

I’ve had great support from the fans here so I’m not worried about that.

Q: Season ticket renewal time is coming up in the next few weeks. Do you think it would be good to get your future sorted before that so everybody knows where they stand?

A: That might effect how many are sold or not sold, so we might just keep that one in the balance I don’t know! I would hate to think me saying I was staying effected the season ticket sales. I would like to think they went up. We’ll see.

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Q: Joking aside, do you think there will be decision in the next few weeks or do you think it will go right to the end of the season?

A: I don’t know. I’m due to speak to Marcus in the next three or four weeks. But I’ve said to you before, I’m cool with it.

For all the reasons I’ve just said, the players that are here, the fact I like living here, that I like doing the job...

I’m certainly not going to be driven out by a small section of fans who are going to make my decision on that, let me tell you that. That’s not going to happen.

I’m a bit too long in the tooth and a bit too up for the fight for that to happen. If everyone else wants me around the place then that would make the big decision for me.

Q: Who are the people’s opinions that matter to you the most? Marcus, I assume?

A: Marcus owns the club and his is the biggest one. You have to have the support of him and you have to have a good relationship with the people above you. And I have a great relationship with him.

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Q: Have you started plans for pre-season?

A: Yes, and talking about players for next season, so I’m going ahead, as I’ve said to you before, with the job and planning for it.

I would never just down tools and stop, anyway. Even if Marcus came to say to me – and I doubt very much he’s going to do – ‘Mick, I think that’s enough we need to go’...

I think it’s actually more likely to be quite the opposite – ‘Mick, I’d like you to stay’ – I think that would be the more likely scenario.

But, whatever one, I will continue doing the job until the end of the season. As the good professional that I am.

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