Mildenhall Fen Tigers win ninth straight home meeting

Ryan Kingsley leads. It was another good afternoon for him and the Fen Tigers Photo: CAROL DOWNIE

Ryan Kingsley leads. It was another good afternoon for him and the Fen Tigers Photo: CAROL DOWNIE

Mildenhall Fen Tigers 58 Plymouth Devils 32 The Mildenhall Fen Tigers powered to their ninth successive home victory of the season, writes Phil Kirk.

With Mildenhall being told they needed to use a guest at number one the club were very grateful to Jack Thomas who stepped in at the eleventh hour for the absent Josh Bailey.

This left the returning Sam Woods having to drop down to number eight as rider replacement was employed for the also absent Sam Bebee.

The meeting started with a power packed heat as visiting number one Ellis Perks showed his liking for the West Row circuit as he produced passes on both Thomas and the Fen Tigers captain Ryan Kinsley.

A 5-1 from Kinsley and Danny Halsey in heat three, followed by another in heat six from Danny Ayres and Drew Kemp, saw the Fen Tigers ease into an eight point lead after seven races.

Heat eight saw a fine race between Kemp and Richard Andrews with the teenage star showing incredible bike skills out wide to pass Andrews for the win.

The Fen Tigers then stepped up a gear as Halsey and Kinsley combined again for a second 5-1 before Thomas passed Atkins to claim his first win of the evening as the home side extended their lead to 18 points.

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Heat 11 looked to be a showdown between the at that point unbeaten Ayers and Perks, but as the two battled it out around the first two bends a sublime ride from Kemp saw him sweep past both and disappear into the distance.

This was quickly followed by another 5-1 from Halsey and Marson with the Aussie youngster riding a great race to keep Atkins at bay.

There was a brief respite for the visitors in heat 13 as Perks and Hopwood gated ahead of Thomas and Ayres and held on from the charging Fen Tigers for a surprise 5-1.

Things quickly returned to type with another 5-1 in heat 14 from Kemp and Kinsley, Kemp completing his seventh maximum of the season and extending his unbeaten run of rides to 14.

Heat 15 was the race of the day after Ayres and Kinsley left Perks nowhere to go as the Fen Tigers raced to sixth maximum of the evening completing a 58-32 victory.

Scorers –

Fen Tigers: Ryan Kinsley 15+1 (6 rides), Drew Kemp 13+2 (5), Danny Ayres 11 (5), Danny Halsey 8+3 (4), Jack Thomas 6+1 (4), Matt Marson 4+1 (4) and Sam Woods 1 (2) - R/R Sam Bebee

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