Mildenhall whizz kid Cameron Heeps keen to follow in tyre tracks of Billy Sanders

SPEEDWAY: Hailed the ‘new Billy Sanders’ Australia’s 15-year-old wonder kid Cameron Heeps has vowed to follow in the former Ipswich rider’s tyre tracks.

Heeps is due in this country next month and will be riding for Mildenhall in the National League, with the distinct possibility that he will progress to ‘sister’ club Ipswich’s colours in the not too distant future.

Speaking exclusively to the Evening Star, Heeps said: “The even be considered as the ‘new Billy Sanders’ is an exciting feeling and I hope to live up to it.

“I hope I can do the same as Billy and go even further.”

Sanders arrived at Foxhall Stadium as a raw 16-year-old from Australia and went on to take the sport by storm and become runner-up in the world championship.

Heeps, who spent last summer when just 14 riding in Denmark, also looks up to Leigh Adams another Aussie, who retired from racing last season.

“Leigh was not only a good rider, but also a great guy to talk with and I’ve always looked up to him.”

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Heeps cannot wait to get riding for Mildenhall, who are now being run by Chris Louis, Michael Lee and Kevin Jolly with Robert Henry as the team manager.

He went on: “It is going to be a once in a life time opportunity to work with these guys and I’m honoured to be able to do so.

“Hopefully I’ll make the best of it and help them get to the top.

“Denmark was a great opportunity to learn to live without my parents for a few months and learn how to race.

“The experience made me really committed to my racing once I got home and now I really appreciate being able to do what I love.

“It’s made me more dedicated to get to the top.”

Heeps will be coming over with his family for the first weeks, and then be on his own. His parents may well come back to England later in the season.

The rider has left school to achieve his goal as a professional speedway rider.

“Last year I took four months off school to stay with close family friend Allan Jensons a former rider in Denmark,” explained Heeps.

“My high school was fine with me leaving to achieve all of this.

“I hope it will be early next month when I can come over and I’m waiting for my visa to come back.”

Former Ipswich promoter John Berry and rider Nigel Flatman both live in Perth, Western Australia where heeps is based and both recommended him to Ipswich.

Witches speedway director Louis said: “I believe we have signed the hottest Aussie prospect this year.

“I know a number of clubs were looking at Cameron, but when he heard that he’d be getting the chance to work with Michael Lee and joining a young vibrant team he had no hesitation in choosing Mildenhall.”

Former world champion Lee has revealed that plans for a speedway academy at West Row are now being drawn up.

“Now that the Fen Tigers are up and running we will soon be starting to sort the academy out,” said Lee.

“Everyone knows my dream is to find a new British world champion and I can’t wait to get started.”

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