Miller is given run by own club-mate

WOODBRIDGE Shufflers posted a one-two at the annual Newmarket 10K road race which was held over a new course from Stetchworth.The course may have been different, but the winner was still a familiar face.

By Carl Marston

WOODBRIDGE Shufflers posted a one-two at the annual Newmarket 10K road race which was held over a new course from Stetchworth.

The course may have been different, but the winner was still a familiar face. David Miller registered 34mins 11secs on his way to victory in warm and windy conditions.

Miller has now totalled 161 career wins, and this was his third triumph at Newmarket following previous successes in 2000 and 2002.

However, he was only 12 seconds clear of Shufflers club-mate Aaron Scott, who was an excellent runner-up in 34.23. Fast-improving Scott was also second to Miller at the recent Stowmarket Friday Five.

Unattached athlete Paul Davis completed the top three in 34.27 as just 16 seconds separated the leading trio.

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Another unaffiliated runner, Dariusz Szarmach, was the first veteran home, while Saint Edmund Pacers' Les Heath (over-45), Felixstowe Road Runners' Jon Davy (over-50) and the Ipswich Jaffa double act of Ray Hill (over-55) and Geof Everitt (over-60) also topped their age groups.

Jaffa runners have also been featuring highly in ladies' races throughout Suffolk this summer. They boasted another winner at Newmarket, thanks to a strong run from Jennie Roberts in 38.24.

The Bury-based Pacers had three ladies in the top 10, led by fourth-placed Julia Jepson (43.44). Wendy Jones was the first over-40 veteran with 44.13, and Pacers' club-mate Tricia Dennison took first spot in the over-45 class in 44.53.

There were also veteran awards for Sally Dormer, of Brandon Fern Hoppers, who won the over-55 category, and Wymondham AC's Jenny Christian in the over-50s.

There were 200 finishers for this annual event, which was organised by Newmarket Joggers. The new course was both scenic and undulating, around the villages of Stetchworth and Woodditton, starting from Ellesmere Centre.

Newmarket results

Top 30 men: 1 D Miller (Woodbridge Shufflers) 34.11; 2 A Scott (Woodbridge) 34.23; 3 P Davis (Unattached) 34.27; 4 N Earl (Reading AC) 35.17; 5 R Chenery (Ipswich Jaffa) 35.48; 6 B Whitworth (Woodford Green) 35.49; 7 R Clifford (Newmarket Joggers) 36.15; 8 I Day (Ely Runners) 36.30; 9 D Szarmach (Un) 36.36; 10 G Davies (Jaffa) 36.39.

11 J Beeton (Newmarket) 36.42; 12 L Heath (Saint Edmund Pacers) 37.06; 13 J Manlow (Un) 37.13; 14 T Ellis (Haverhill RC) 37.35; 15 L Jones (Un) 37.45; 16 C Cooke (Pacers) 37.46; 17 J Crisp (Ely) 37.50; 18 J Long (Pacers) 37.57; 19 N Collum (Un) 38.44; 20 M Cobbold (Pacers) 38.54.

21 A Buck (Sudbury Joggers) 39.10; 22 P Brough (Haverhill RC) 39.12; 23 P Gipp (Ely) 39.14; 24 J Davy (Felixstowe RR) 39.39; 25 T Jarrett (Jaffa) 39.45; 26 A Bunn (Liverpool Harriers) 40.28; 27 M Ball (City of Portsmouth) 40.39; 28 B Watson (Haverhill RC) 40.44; 29 G Moore (Un) 40.57; 30 S Brightwell (Cambridge & Coleridge) 41.01.

Top 20 ladies: 1 J Roberts (Jaffa) 38.24; 2 S Toussenel (Saffron Striders) 41.17; 3 K Anderson (Un) 42.07; 4 J Jepson (Pacers) 43.44; 5 A Caudry (Haverhill RC) 43.50; 6 W Jones (Pacers) 44.13; 7 H Suttle (Stowmarket Striders) 44.48; 8 A Dewison (Cam/Col) 44.48; 9 T Dennison (Pacers) 44.53; 10 F Richmond (Newmarket) 45.26.

11 A Mann (Garden City Runners) 45.44; 12 S Wing (Thetford) 46.07; 13 A Choppin (Newmarket) 46.28; 14 T Stone (Un) 46.37; 15 L Treadwell (Un) 46.54; 16 J Christian (Wymondham) 47.43; 17 M Brightwell (Un) 48.06; 18 A Gwgis (Newmarket Tri Club) 48.30; 19 S Whyand (Pacers) 48.32; 20 H Tice (Un) 48.54.

Male veterans, over-40: 1 Szarmach, 2 Beeton, 3 Ellis. Over-45: 1 Heath, 2 Cooke, 3 Cobbold. Over-50: 1 Davy, 2 K Macrosson (Jaffa) 42.14. Over-55: 1 Hill, 2 B Bye (Ryston) 45.42. Over-60: 1 G Everitt (Jaffa) 45.39; 2 K Rooke (Framlingham Flyers) 46.38; 3 R Hobson (Woodbridge) 46.50.

Female veterans, over-40: 1 Jones, 2 Suttle, 3 Treadwell. Over-45: 1 Dennison, 2 C Wigley (Un) 57.38; 3 R van der Merwe 58.01. Over-50: Christian, 2 C Drew (Un) 49.16; 3 H Gunnell (Un) 53.32. Over-55: 1 S Dormer (Brandon Fern Hoppers) 51.13; 2 A Florence (Diss) 59.14; 3 D Braverman (Cam/Col) 59.52.

Juniors, male: 1 Scott, 2 Chenery, 3 Bunn. Female: 1 Wing.

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