Mills wants Foxhall return

IPSWICH Witches reserve, Chris Mills, wants a return to Foxhall in 2012.

IPSWICH Witches reserve, Chris Mills, wants a return to Foxhall in 2012.

The Essex racer will not be the only current Witch who wants to ride for the club next year. But he feels that if he does, in 12 months time, he could be part of a very successful Witches team.

“It’s been a decent season for us and we still have much to go for,” Mills said.

“It’s a brilliant club to be part of.

“Chris and John Louis, Pete Simmons, all know how to treat riders and that is what has made it the season it has.

“We are not going to win the league, but we are such a young team, it was always going to be difficult.

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“In saying that, we can finish at least third, maybe second. I want to see us finish as high as possible. Our fans deserve it.”

Mills has produced some spirited performances, especially at Foxhall this season, although his away form has been patchy.

But with an average of more than five points, he can feel happy with his contribution to the season.

“Ipswich was a track I had only ridden at once before I came here at the start of the season,” he said.

“So it took me a while to get settled in. But my home form has been good, it’s just away from home things haven’t always gone well.”

Mills will be part of a full-strength ‘Sackers’ Witches team who entertain Workington Comets tonight at Foxhall, looking to leap-frog the Cumbrians into third place.

The home side will expect a big win, as their opponents have undergone major surgery in recent weeks.

Young Danish rider, Simon Nielsen, has been signed by the Comets, after the release of No 1 James Wright to Somerset, while reserve, Gary Irving, is on the injured list and Jaimie Pickard has been booked as a guest in his place.

The Witches won’t want to drop another league point at home if they can help it, and with excellent away victories at Berwick and Newcastle in recent weeks in the bag, a third finish place will be the minimum of their requirements,

Tonight’s teams

Ipswich: 1. Kevin Doolan (C) 7.70, 2. Taylor Poole 6.47, 3. Mathieu Tresarrieu 5.90, 4. Morten Risager 5.95, 5. Lasse Bjerre 6.92, 6. Jerran Hart 4.40, 7. Chris Mills 5.16.

Workington: 1. Rusty Harrison 7.48, 2. Peter Kildemand 6.94, 3. Simon Nielsen 7.00, 4. Richard Lawson 6.62, 5. Tomas Topinka (C) 6.99, 6. Jaimie Pickard, 7. Kenny Ingalls 5.58

Premier League

P Pts.

Glasgow 30 74

Sheffield 29 60

Workington 25 51

Somerset 27 49


Scunthorpe 29 48

Rye House 29 45

Edinburgh 27 44

Newport 27 44

Redcar 31 44

Berwick 28 42

Newcastle 29 36

Plymouth 26 15

Leicester 31 14

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