Monday verdict: Ipswich Town’s relationship with Mick McCarthy can be mended

Mick McCarthy shakes hands with Wolves manager Kenny Jacket before the game.

Mick McCarthy shakes hands with Wolves manager Kenny Jacket before the game.

It seemed like a marriage made in heaven, but is the Ipswich Town and Mick McCarthy relationship on the rocks?

When he first arrived on the scene almost three-and-a-half years ago, the Yorkshireman was just what was needed after a string of dating disasters. A loyal, honest, consistent, and calming partner, he made the club feel good about itself again. The mother-in-law definitely approved.

The extended honeymoon period is well-and-truly over now though. Perhaps a bit of staleness has crept in. All the things Blues fans first loved have, ironically, now become the things that grate. It’s all a little bit too sensible, pragmatic and predictable.

The odd bit of excitement and spontaneity wouldn’t go a miss. We know money’s tight, but the odd gift – not too lavish – would be nice. Times change, people change. That’s allowed, right?

Mick senses this. Mick suddenly feels unloved. He’s been in the dating scene long enough to know better, but he’s hurt. Other clubs still find me attractive, he says. Clubs more attractive than you too.

And look at Wolves and Brentford and numerous other clubs. They’ve gone further backwards than us. You should appreciate me.

Everyone is saying things they don’t really mean. It’s not descended into a screaming match yet, things can undoubtedly still be mended, but boy can you sense the tension in the room. A summer break can’t come soon enough.

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I’ll act as mediator. Mick wants to give fans what they desire, more attractive football, but he simply hasn’t had the resources this season. The money has not been there, while key players have been injured. Don’t forget his Wolves team were great to watch. Ipswich have been too at times. When Teddy Bishop and David McGoldrick are fit and flying again things might be different.

He can’t say this though because, being the guy he is, he doesn’t want to talk down the players he does currently have available.

Deep down, sensible supporters know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side too. They’ve experienced more volatile partners before and it’s all ended in tears. Speak to fans of Mick’s former clubs and they go misty-eyed. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone and all that.

So what now? Whether the mood turns increasingly sour or calms down somewhat will depend on how this week’s home games against Charlton (tomorrow) and Brentford (Saturday) go. Be bold with his team selection and stop using Aston Villa’s questionable interest as a jealousy tool and things just might be okay.

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