More of the same from Witches as Comets come to town

IPSWICH Witches will show their fans tonight whether last week’s thrashing over Glasgow was a flash in the pan – or not.

IPSWICH Witches will show their fans tonight whether last week’s thrashing over Glasgow was a flash in the pan – or not.

Workington Comets provide the opposition for the Witches at Foxhall – the Comets flying high at the top of League Cup north having lost just two of their 10 meetings so far.

They are a mean side and, along with Somerset and Newcastle, already look good to take an end-of-season play-off place.

Witches team boss Pete Simmons knows his side can’t afford to slip-up after last week’s confidence-boosting result.

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“This is probably a rehearsal for the League Cup semi-final, so we definitely need a decent win to make sure the Comets don’t come back later in the season with some confidence,” he said.

“The team need to carry on from last week’s demolition of Glasgow where we did everything right that we had been doing wrong over the last couple of weeks.

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“To slip up again now would be a very backward step so we must be on our guard as Workington have some quick lads who if we let get away we may not be able to catch.”

Workington are led by captain Richard Lawson and include Rene Bach and Rusty Harrison, all of who are capable of big scores.

The Derwent Park circuit at Workington is much bigger than Foxhall, but should the visitors adapt quickly, they will push Ipswich all the way.

But Simmons is hoping the good vibes from last week can continue tonight.

“It’s great when all the boys chip in and do their bit and what a totally different atmosphere is generated in the pits when everybody is happy and winning races, as happened against Glasgow,” he said.

“When we have to flip a coin to see who takes the nominated heat 15 rides, as we did against the Tigers, it shows how well everyone did.”

Tonight’s teams

Ipswich: 1. Leigh Lanham 7.50, 2. Rohan Tungate 6.51, 3. Kevin Doolan (C) 7.12, 4. Morten Risager 6.36, 5. Dakota North 6.60, 6. Mathieu Tresarrieu 6.29, 7. Cameron Heeps 4.00

Workington: 1. Richard Lawson (C) 8.44, 2. Kenny Ingalls 5.90, 3. Rene Bach 8.27, 4. Adam Roynon 5.49, 5. Rusty Harrison 7.20, 6. Gary Irving 3.30, 7. Kyle Howarth 4.98

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