‘Most exciting team in the league’ says Witches star

IPSWICH ‘Sackers’ Witches captain, Kevin Doolan, appears to have had a very quiet winter compared to the other Australians in the team

IPSWICH ‘Sackers’ Witches captain, Kevin Doolan, appears to have had a very quiet winter compared to the other Australians in the team but he has been working hard on his preparation for 2012 and is now counting down the days to the first meeting.

Speaking from his Sheffield home he said; “Firstly I have to say a massive congratulations to Taylor Poole on his Aussie U21 title, great to see such a likeable lad winning such an important meeting.

“Taylor has tremendous talent and with some hard work and focus in the next couple years I believe he could be set to go all the way. From a team point of view it’s exciting to be a part of his development and I know with a bit of help from myself and Chris (Louis) we could see his consistency and focus improve to the point where he will be a great heat leader for Ipswich in 2012.”

“On a personal note I have been pretty low key during this winter, I stayed in the UK choosing to invest in some new equipment for the new season, I have worked plenty on my fitness which I really do enjoy and have stayed bike sharp by getting in a little motocross practice on weekends.

“I had a good time in the New Year Classic at Newport and showed I was still plenty sharp enough, and am just looking forward to building my new equipment in the coming weeks.

“I think we have by far the most exciting team in the league for 2012. The talent, character and determination in our team is massive. The young kids will be very exciting to watch. We know from last year that Taylor is already a fans favourite at Foxhall and many will have seen Cameron light up the track at Mildenhall. Both have huge potential to score above their averages as they continue to learn their craft on the Foxhall track and also continue to learn about themselves and their equipment.“

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“Dac North showed his talent with a bang last year when he was riding here for Somerset and again is a young lad who will be learning plenty as the season progresses.

“With a little consistency and more experience he will also be eyeing up a heat leader spot in the team. And then of course we have another exciting prospect in Rohan Tungate. Out of the new lads he is the one I know the least about but I am very impressed with his great results in Aussie this winter. Along with Cam and Dac, Chris and myself will be working with him to keep them learning as much as they can while trying to keep them injury free.”

“I am really pleased to have Morten Risager and Matt Tresarrieu back again this year, Morten is great in the pits and keeps the team buzzing with his encouragement.

Along with his regained confidence shown at the end of 2011 I can see him being a backbone member of the team this year. On a similar note it is always a pleasure to see Matt’s smiling face in the pits, he puts a lot of effort into his racing and always finds exciting racing lines. Matt is a quick learner and is inspiring to watch so a great guy to have on board.

“You can probably tell by my tone that I’m very pleased to be back at Ipswich and that I will take great pride in leading our team out every Thursday night. I felt at home in 2011 and connected well with the fans, sponsors and promotion. This connection is what motivates me and is the reason why I put in the extra effort and go out of my way to help my team mates. 2012 is going to be a great challenge and I can’t wait to get the season underway and start chasing those trophies!

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