Nielsen leads from the front but Fen Tigers beaten

Stefan Nielsen

Stefan Nielsen - Credit: Jeff Higgott

MILDENHALL Fen Tigers’ 2013 campaign got off to a stuttering start as they were beaten 45-41 by Dudley Heathens at West Row.

MILDENHALL Fen Tigers’ 2013 campaign got off to a stuttering start as they were beaten 45-41 by Dudley Heathens at West Row.

It was always a close encounter, but in the end Dudley deservedly claim victory, shaking off a few more of the winter cobwebs than the home side.

New Number 1 Stefan Nielsen led from the front and was well backed up by returning veteran Jon Armstrong. But with Josh Bates still suffering the effects of an ankle injury, picked up riding for Scunthorpe on Friday, and with Aaron Baseby, Danny Halsey, Liam Rumsey and Nathan Stoneman having had little track time before today, the Heathens always had the edge.

They were well led by skipper Ashley Morris, with former Fen Tiger Lewis Blackbird and Paul Starke giving him good backing. All the other visitors chipped in with valuable points in a solid team performance.

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The two main highlights of the meeting, were the clash between Nielsen and Blackbird in Heat 6, with Blackbird ultimately excluded for bringing Nielsen down with Blackbird also figuring in another hectic four laps of action as he and Morris held off Nielsen and Halsey in Heat 13 for what was effectively a match-winning 5-1.

Afterwards Fen Tigers’ co-promoter Michael Lee said, “Well done to Dudley, they won fair and square, although I have to say we’re not too disappointed and we are certainly not pressing any panic buttons. Stefan was magnificent and it was great to see Jon Armstrong looking sharp as well. We mustn’t forget that most of the boys hadn’t had a chance to practice at West Row until one o’clock this afternoon. And don’t forget Nathan is returning from a very serious leg injury, so it’s only to be expected that he would be a bit tentative in his first meeting. I’m sure over the next couple of weeks, once the boys get some meetings under their belts, everything will click into place once again.”

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1 Stefan Nielsen 3 3 3 1 3 = 13

2 Aaron Baseby 0 1 2 1 = 4

3 Josh Bates 2’ 2 X 2 = 6+1

4 Jon Armstrong 3 1’ 3 2 0 = 9+1

5 Daniel Halsey 2 2 2 0 = 6

6 Liam Rumsey 1 0 0 1’ = 2+1

7 Nathan Stoneman 0 0 0 1’ = 1+1


1 Ashley Morris 2 3 3 2’ 2 = 12+1

2 Gareth Isherwood 1’ 0 3 1 = 5+1

3 Paul Starke 1 3 0 3 = 7

4 Daniel Greenwood - 1 2 3 = 6

5 Lewis Blackbird 3 X X 3 1’ = 7+1

6 Max Clegg 3 2 0 0 = 5

7 Nathan Greaves 2’ 0 1 0 = 3+1

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