Nino Severino: A timebomb in children’s health, plus creating a gym for Tiger Woods

Nino Severino once helped set up a gym for Tiger Woods! Picture: PA SPORT

Nino Severino once helped set up a gym for Tiger Woods! Picture: PA SPORT - Credit: AP

Nino Severino discusses his concerns over the future health of the nation, plus how he once helped set up a gym for Tiger Woods, in his latest column.

I have designed a fitness programme for a global company who have a UK base here, and they manage the dinners for over 600 schools in England.

I’m so excited about this role; I join a talented team including the ex-Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins who focuses on part of the programme called “from seed to plate”.

Children’s health and well-being has become a very big part of my life and of course exercise and food can have a major impact in this area.

- Nino Severino: Sport saves lives, and Anthony Joshua is a shining example

I have been watching a number of interviews and reading quite a bit about Jamie Oliver, who I think has done an amazing job in highlighting how important school dinners are – because of this, he has had a very important effect on the quality of food served to children.

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I have written a number of blogs on this subject, and I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that there is a nuclear health bomb ready to hit humanity if children’s health and fitness is not addressed, and addressed now.

All you need to do is study the statistics. Yes, you could say we are all living longer now, but this is the generation that was brought up on the good old fashion meat and two veg meals, cooked from scratch, and they were not exposed to massive amounts of sugar, saturated fats and lack of exercise.

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In my future columns I want to share with you my thoughts and experience through this part of my life.

I want to do my little bit to reverse the lifestyle culture our children are exposed to and support parental and child education through our school network.

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- Due to the involvement I have had with the sport of golf during my coaching life, I’ve been following with interest the many talented male and female golfers we have in our region.

I never thought golf would be a sport I would ever get involved with, but a contact I had within a medical company put me in touch with one of Colin Montgomerie’s support team because of my expertise in movement.

We hit it off immediately and agreed to work together to create a movement system for golf. I was lucky enough to be invited to The Belfry, the PGA Headquarters and National Training Academy to present the system.

The Belfry is a very impressive place to visit, it is steeped in history and a joy to just walk around, but much more than this, it is an environment where excellence is expected, and state of the art equipment is helping them to push the boundaries of sports science.

The PGA accepted the training system I co-developed and this opened up many exciting experiences for me in the world of golf – the one I remember most involved the great Tiger Woods.

After developing the training programme, I needed to address all the manufacturing issues of the equipment required, this involved me with a company called EXF – who at the time were producers of sports training equipment for some of the biggest venues and sporting stars in the world.

While I was having a few days’ holiday and attending my best friend’s wedding in Italy, I received a call from the director of EXF telling me that Tiger was staying at Eddie Jordan’s house on the Wentworth estate, and he had the personal job of overseeing the responsibility of creating a gym for one of the best golfers that has ever lived.

This led him to asking me to fly back immediately to add my equipment to the gym, which of course, I did!

The drive through the Wentworth Estate to the house was an experience in itself, with many royals and celebrities such as Elton John, the Bee Gees, Sir Bruce Forsyth and McLaren owner Ron Dennis owner of Mclaren among those who had properties there.

It was, for sure, a life experience I will never forget!

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