Nino Severino: Kieron Dyer will one day be a Premier League manager - here’s why

Nino Severino, right, with ex-Ipswich Town, Newcastle United and England star Kieron Dyer. Picture:

Nino Severino, right, with ex-Ipswich Town, Newcastle United and England star Kieron Dyer. Picture: NINO SEVERINO - Credit: Archant

In his latest column, Nino Severino talks about how Ipswich Town icon Kieron Dyer is helping young athletes – and why he’s convinced Dyer will make it at the top level of management.

Kieron Dyer, left, has decided to leave his role as a coach of the Ipswich Town under 18 side. Pictu

Kieron Dyer, left, has decided to leave his role as a coach of the Ipswich Town under 18 side. Picture: ROSS HALLS - Credit: Archant

This week I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Kieron Dyer, and what a meeting it was.

As a sporting professional, to have time with an ex-athlete like Kieron, is simply a dream. I use the word athlete, as his insight into sport and what makes a great competitor goes way beyond kicking a football, the conversations you can have with him are extremely broad and deep, and very stimulating.

It's no surprise that there is a never-ending list of sporting subjects to be had with Kieron when you study his impressive CV. He had a combined tally of 310 appearances for Ipswich Town, Newcastle and West Ham United.

He also won 33 caps for his country, the first on September 4, 1999 when he started in England's 6-0 win against Luxembourg, and had the incredible experiences of playing in both the World Cup and the European Championships.

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Even if you are not a sporting fan, it's very difficult not to be impressed by this man's achievements.

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As we travelled deep into our conversation, it was clear to me that he possesses a sophistication of mind when exploring the many subjects that develop and create sporting success, he can draw on so many life experiences, and he has a way of weaving these beautifully into his expressions and thoughts.

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At one point I said to him: "You must have some incredible memories to draw on in that cranium of yours Kieron!"

This is not a man that talks about sport as someone who can only imagine what it is like, this is a man who has been there, done it and succeeded at a very high level, around other players who are legends, this is life experience you cannot buy!

Kieron Dyer is an Ipswich Town icon. Picture: ARCHANT

Kieron Dyer is an Ipswich Town icon. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

Kieron wants to share his knowledge, and this is what makes him an incredible asset. I asked him if he would give his time to mentoring some of the elite athletes we have in our portfolio, and he agreed without hesitation.

For me as the director of The Hub, this is such a valuable opportunity for the many athletes we now have who will go onto the world stage of competition. The ones who are lucky enough to be able to spend some time with Kieron, will benefit from his principles, methods and invaluable philosophy into what makes a successful competitor.

For me as a coach, the most important aspect is the fact that it will "fast track" athletes to knowledge that will have a great impact on their personal development.

The time factor is so crucial for athletes, the quicker they can learn, the more they will learn, and of course, this extra injection of knowledge means greater adaptation and development, which in simple terms means better training levels and of course, more winning, which is the ultimate focus for all competitors.

The more we talked, the more I was drawn into his way of thinking, and his style of communication. Part of my job role is to inform, inspire, motivate and draw just that little bit more out of every athlete I work with.

Communication style is very important - get it right, and you earn the complete focus of the athlete, get it wrong and they simply just switch off.

It's only coincidental, but I have been having many conversations over the last week about Kieron, with coaches, players and parents, and the feedback is always the same - he's very positive, inspirational and effective. So how does he do it?

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For me, it's simple, his words are backed up with experience, and references to the most incredible stories of his time in sport. As an example, we were talking about how sport can be so demanding, the pitfalls, and the colossal amount of collateral damage there is, in terms of athletes that don't make it.

The subject of inspiration and motivation came into the discussion, and Kieron was able to draw on his personal experiences once again, telling me about his time with Sir Bobby Robson, one of the most talented football coaches in English football history.

I was absolutely locked into every word Kieron was speaking - he talked about the way his old gaffer could turn around the mindset of a player during a short meeting, told me how world class players would walk into Sir Bobby's office with their chins dragging along the floor, but would walk out thinking they could conquer the world.

This is what world class coaching is about, changing the mindset, changing the way athletes see their world, and ultimately affecting their training and competitive levels - and that is what I believe Kieron Dyer possesses!

For this reason, hearing that Kieron has left the Ipswich Town Academy is very depressing, but of course, I can understand why. He has an absolute belief in his abilities, and for very good reasons.

He wants to achieve great things as a manager, and as an individual who has worked with some great leaders including Judy Murray, Leon Smith and Nigel Sears, I can confidently say Kieron is destined for a top job.

I have no doubt he will do a Frank Lampard, and one day, will be the gaffer of a Premier League football team.

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