Northstander: A good win, but unless we spend money in January we’re going nowhere

Bersant Celina does a flying kick celebration after his match-winning goal against Leeds. The Man Ci

Bersant Celina does a flying kick celebration after his match-winning goal against Leeds. The Man City loanee has star quality. Picture: STEVE WALLER - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

It’s that kind of season. Just when everything seems to be miserable, and the fans’ anger is mounting, along comes a victory to lighten the mood. At least temporarily, writes Northstander Terry Hunt.

Going into the Leeds game, negativity was everywhere. Poor form, a mounting injury list, a new shirt sponsor which isn’t universally popular among supporters, and the manager talking in generally downbeat fashion about the transfer window. Oh, woe was us.

But then along come Leeds, conveniently shoot themselves in the foot, twinkletoes Celina scores what the younger generation would call “a worldie,” and the smiles are back again.

As I said, it’s that kind of season. A rollercoaster, one step forward, one step back, and any other footballing cliche you can think of which describes an inconsistent campaign which will probably end with us slap-bang in the middle of the table.

So, how’s your glass? Half-full or half-empty? The optimists among the Blue and White Army will look at the league table, with us only four points outside the play-offs, and say there’s everything to go for.

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The glass half-empty brigade will ask why we should expect anything to change in the second half of the season - especially with injuries leaving the squad wafer thin.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only Town fan who had to rely on the internet to remind myself about the fledgling career of Chris Smith, one of our subs on Saturday!

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If we don’t strengthen the squad before the end of January, then I fear it’s inevitable we will fall short of the top six. We will get more ups, more downs, and the end result will be mediocrity. More fun and entertainment than last season, but mediocrity nonetheless.

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Which begs the big question....will we spend some money this month to give ourselves a better chance? When I say money, I mean proper investment - a few million on buying players - not more loanees. I won’t hold my breath...

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the memory of that fantastic strike from Bersant Celina. He is the most un-McCarthy-like player I can imagine.

But the young man has a certain something. It’s called star quality - and it’s the best antidote to all the gloom.

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