Nuttall and Craddock team up to win final Alliance meeting at Haverhill

John Craddock (left) and Paul Nuttall, both of Stoke by Nayland, who won the Millennium Cup at the f

John Craddock (left) and Paul Nuttall, both of Stoke by Nayland, who won the Millennium Cup at the final Suffolk Winter Alliance meeting of the season at Haverhill. Photograph: CONTRIBUTED - Credit: Archant

Paul Nuttall of Stoke by Nayland and John Craddock of Stowmarket teamed up to win the Millennium Cup for the better ball Stableford in the final Suffolk Winter Alliance meeting of the season hosted by Haverhill.

Their score of 45 points beat Lynn Fish and Mandy Williamson of the home club by one. It was the first time that two ladies have featured in the top three in Alliance history.

Third place was settled on count back. Three pairs had 42 points with Andy Fish and Richard Parker (both Haverhill) having 21 on the back nine to beat Tim Daniels and Geoff Bush of Haverhill (20 on back nine) and Ian Benson and Byron Long of Stoke by Nayland (19 on back nine).

The top professional was Sam Forgan of Stowmarket. back from his Mediterranean Tour events in Egypt, with level par 71. Dean Fairweather (Breckland Pines) had 73.

There was a field of 83 players who enjoyed good weather and fast greens for the time of year.

Ian Benson won the season’s order of merit with 218 points. The top seven were all members at Stoke by Nayland.

Originally only Suffolk Golf Union clubs were eligible to play in the Alliance. When Stoke by Nayland switched their allegiance to Essex Golf Union, an exception was made. Now clubs such as Braintree can also take part.

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Order of merit: 218: I Benson. 211: R Gardiner, B Castle, M Moore. 208: R Benson. 207: D Goddard, G Borthwick.

Other Scores

41: S Carr and G Morgan, C Seward and S Pollexfen.

40: I Wheeldon and G Staples, S Forgan and A Middle, M Moore and B Castle, R Benson and L Wordsell, A Cornish and J Walker.

39: N Salmon and D Matter, B Stammers and R Clemson, M Mansfield and R Toone.

38: J Gilham and J Clark, D Fairweather and D Riddig, R Reid and B Hitchcock, A Smith and D Drew, S Cousins and M Robinson, E Bareham and P McClennan, J Partridge and R Holmes.

37: M Toon and D Smith, G Scott and P Bowers, R Gardiner and G Borthwick.

36: G Price and M Klingle, P Fairbrother and A Gipson.

35: A Hammond and N Spong, R Spong and C Morris, C Leys and R Deasy, A Quinn and P Walters.

34: S Piotrowski and J Wiseman, M Milner and A Brown, R Davies and D Yates, J Osborn and J Hillard, M Eaton and K Rooney.

33: P Samain and R Walters, C Briggs and D Simpkin.

32: J Paterson and R Brazier, J Snow and S Lythell, T Broomfield and M Firman.

30: K McCredie and G Borthwick.

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