Are you in any of these classic sporting team line-ups?

STAR MEMORY FRAME NOSTALGIAA pool team at The Sporting Farmer pub, Ipswich, in December 1976

A pool side from The Sporting Farmer pub, Ipswich, in December 1976 - Credit: Archant

Welcome to another selection of nostalgic sporting photo memories and it's great to see so many of you enjoying taking a look at these old sporting teams.

It's tremendous to get the feedback on these and feel free to take a look at our Facebook page Suffolk Sporting Memories where there are more. And where you can join and post your own photos.

So, here we go again with some more blasts from the past of those old sports teams...


Now this is an interesting photo as there are lots of competitors on here, leaving Tower Ramparts in March 1969 for a cross-country event. Are you on here? And where were you going?

FOR EADT FLASHBACK DEC 8 08.The Ipswich and East Suffolk Schools cross-country team setting off

The Ipswich and East Suffolk Schools cross-country team setting off from Tower Ramparts, Ipswich, for an event in March 1969. - Credit: Archant


A very happy Suffolk Cricket team pictured here in 1979. They look like they have just won something.

EADT SPORTSuffolk Cricket Team 1979

Suffolk Cricket team 1979 - Credit: Archant


This photograph was posted on our Suffolk Sporting Memories site by Mr Steve Curtis, who sent us a few words about it as well.

cops football

Coplestonians Football Club. 1976/77. - Credit: Contributed

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Apparently it is an early photo of Coplestonians Football Club, 76/77.

Players, Insert- Stuart Hudson, Back row- Clive 'Buck' Kent, Brian Markham, Gary Fuge, Dave Bristo, Steve Curtis, Ian Whight, Gary Bartlett, Bernie Fenn. Middle Row- Dave Simmons, Lanni, Barry 'Ossie' Kent, Dave Little, Rob Meekings, Ian Fowler, Kevin Dale, Paul Sumner, Front Row- Julian Jolly, Mike Noye, David Hoy, Kaven Boyden, Wolfe Powell-Chairman, Nigel 'Nuts' Kent, Gary Cooper, Ben Osbourne, Glyne Jones.

All the above players and officials in those days were either ex pupils or members of staff. And next year is the 50th anniversary, so we hope to get as many of these guys together again. Great idea.



Whitton School Touch Rugby team, 1973 - Credit: Archant

Now, there can't be many Touch Rugby team photos in our system here at Archant, but we've found one!

It's of Whitton School, in Ipswich, 1973 and it's a great picture.

And they have a trophy, so what is that for? No names sadly, hopefully you can help!


Anyone know anybody on here?

woodbridge hockey

Woodbridge School hockey team - Credit: Archant


Ipswich Town v AZ 67 Alkmaar

Ipswich Town fans cheer on their team at Portman Road in May 1981 in the first leg of the UEFA Cup final. - Credit: Archant

If you didn't know, this month is the 40th anniversary of Ipswich Town winning the UEFA Cup, back in 1981. They beat AZ 67 Alkmaar, of Holland.

The first leg was at Portman Road on May 6 and Town won 3-0, before losing 2-4 in the second leg in Holland two weeks later, but winning 5-4 on aggregate.

Here are some of the Town fans in full voice at Portman Road that May night 40 years ago.

Were you there?

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