Open event heralds start of celebrations

THE annual Ipswich Senior Open Judo Championships held at Northgate Sports Centre attracted 134 individual entries.As well as the men's and women's individual weight categories there was a veterans' competition and a team competition.

THE annual Ipswich Senior Open Judo Championships held at Northgate Sports Centre attracted 134 individual entries.

As well as the men's and women's individual weight categories there was a veterans' competition and a team competition.

The Open attracted competitors from all over the country and from the Netherlands and Guernsey.

More than 40 judo clubs were represented with lots of local interest with entrants from the clubs at Ipswich, Stowmarket, Clacton, Colchester, Chelmsford, Cambridge University, Norwich, and Saffron Walden taking part.

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The event was organised by the Ipswich Judo Club, based at Northgate Sports Centre. The Senior Open is the first of three annual open competitions run by the club each year.

Ipswich Judo Club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is getting quite a reputation nationally for the organisation of quality judo tournaments and is now attracting some of the best players in the country to their events.

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Several GB internationals won gold medals, including Colin Oates (-73kg), Faith Pitman (-63kg), Karen Roberts (-70kg) and Samantha Lowe (-78kg). Paralympic medallist Ian Rose won gold at -100kg.

All the tournament officials and competition medal-winners at the Ipswich Judo Club Open Championships received a special 50th anniversary medal in a presentation case.

The club is organising celebration activities and events each month for its club membership during 2007 and in August there will be a big celebration party. Former club members are invited to contact chairman David Martin on 01473 833312 or e-mail for more details.

Group One, Men First Kyo and above

Under 60kg: 1 David Oates (Kumo), 2 Aaron Pearce (Kumo), 3 Christopher Chinwick (Kingsley Hall).

Under 66kg: 1 Ben Van Ballegoie (Delta Sport Holland), 2 Daniel Gallagher (Iruka), 3 Martin Moyler (Clacton).

Under 73kg: 1 Colin Oates (Kumo), 2 Jason Gallie (Norwich Premier), 3jt Andy Marshall (Erdington), Craig Homer (Erdington).

Under 81kg: 1 Olaf Berman (Delta Sport Holland), 2 Mark Edwards (Iruka), 3jt Richard Eastmund (Barnstaple), Adrian Mabbs (Kyo Shin Ryu).

Under 90kg: 1 Nicholi Daily (Erdington), 2 Mindaugas Balsiukevilius (Stratford), 3jt Elliott Banks (JSC), Luke R Taylor (Hardy Spicer).

Under 100kg: 1 Ian Rose (61 Judo Club), 2 Jamie King (Barnstaple), 3jt Matthew Griffin (Kingsley Hall), Mark Fricker (Pinewood).

Over 100kg: 1 Chris Longman (Chelmsford), 2 Nicholas Williams (Ipswich).

Group Eight, Veteran Men

Under 60kg: 1 Rob Smith (Pinewood), 2 Ian Rowe (Kettering Premier), 3jt Andrew Topliss (Ipswich), Stuart Appleby (Ipswich).

Under 66kg: 1 Winnie Graham (Chalkhill), 2 Tony Boyd (Colchester), 3 Martin Moyler (Clacton).

Under 73kg: 1 Josef Trzawa (Greenville College), 2 Tony Sarwar (Erdington), 3jt Daryl Oakes (Midlands), Kevin Simons (Kettering).

Under 81kg: 1 Joseph Freely (Corby), 2 Ikuo Shibuya (Ealing), 3 Colin Bell (Ford).

Under 90kg: 1 Geoff Torrington (Pinewood) combined with under 81kg.

Under 100kg: 1 Omas Asnguah (Wandsworth), 2 Gary Biddle (Kettering), 3 Simon Mitchell (Crawley).

Over 100kg: 1 Craig Debrick (Clacton), 2 Jason Reilly (Cambridge University), 3jt Nicholas Williams (Ipswich), Brett Slack (Corby).

Group Two, Ladies First Kyo and above

Under 52kg: 1 Emma Paflin (Kumiuchi), 2 Charlotte Jane (Kettering) - combined with under 57kg.

Under 57kg: 1 Faith Pitman (Camberley), 2 Sami Smithson (Bredakwai), 3jt Victoria Pang (Pinewood), Kim Tilley (Reading).

Under 70kg: 1 Karen Roberts (Pinewood), 2 Marloes Van Stralen (Deltasport Holland), 3jt Helen Thompson (Kettering), Emily Gritten (Bedford).

Under 78kg: 1 Samantha Lowe (Camberley), 2 Katie Dean (Pyrford), 3jt Tracey Howarth (Stowmarket), Michelle Camp (Saffron Walden).

Over 78kg: 1 Robyn Beal (Corby), 2 Deborah Ringer (Ford).

Group Three, Men Novice to Seventh Kyo (Orange Belt)

Under 73kg: 1 Joe Rossabi (Ealing), 2 Chris Thorp (Ipswich), 3jt Dominic Edwards (Chelmsford), Ryan McGregor (61 Judo Club).

Under 90kg: 1 Ryan David (RAF), 2 Jonathan Hayter (Flying Dragon), 3jt Ben Sharp (Corby), James Bennett (Stowmarket).

Over 90kg: 1 Misha Kljutic (Ealing), 2 Adam Woby (Ipswich), 3 Ian Hamilton (Crawley).

Group Four, Men Sixth Kuo

(Green Belt to Second Kyo)

Under 73kg: 1 Oliver Fricker (Pinewood), 2 Richard Bennett (Stowmarket), 3 Joe Caldori (Kingsley Hall).

Under 81kg: 1 Jonathan Cook (Saffron Walden), 2 John Chadfield (Pinewood), 3 Samuel Duncombe (Colchester).

Under 100kg: 1 Matthew Sitch (Westcroft), 2 Robert Hardie (Flying Dragon), 3jt Miguel Corkhill (Norwich Premier), Geoff Torrington (Pinewood).

Over 100kg: 1 Mark Ballard (Kingsley Hall), 2 Michael Garner (Kyu Shin Ryu), 3jt Jason Reilly (Cambridge University), Russell Smith (Kingsley Hall).

Group Five, Ladies Novice to Seventh Kuo (Orange belt)

Combined Group: 1 Jeanette Bailie (Kyu Shin Ryu), 2 Lara Ashley (Redbridge), 3jt Lizzy Boyd (Colchester), Kayleigh Goddard (Saffron Walden).

Group Six, Ladies Sixth Kyo

(Green Belt) to Second Kyo

Under 57kg: 1 Sarah Pang (Pinewood), 2 Rachel Daniels (Saffron Walden), 3 Emma Chamberlain (Pinewood).

Over 57kg: 1 Kayleigh Welch (Pinewood), 2 Kara Britten (Chelmsford), 3jt Kim Mwanza (Norwich Premier), Evelyn Faury (Ealing).

Group Seven, Veteran Ladies

Under 70kg: 1 Karen Roberts (Pinewood), 2 Sami Smithson (Bredakwai), 3jt Helen Feely (Corby), Kim Tilley (Reading).

Over 70kg: 1 Michelle Camp (Saffron Walden), 2 Jenny Hussey (Corby), 3 Deborah Ringer (Ford).

The team event result was: Gold - Royal Air Force, Silver - Chelmsford/Colchester, Bronze - Ipswich.

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