Paco and Nico are so glad to be racing in the same Witches team

L-R, Paco Castagna, Lewis Kerr and Nico Covatti pictured at their Studio Press Shoot at Ipswich Spor

L-R, Paco Castagna, Lewis Kerr and Nico Covatti pictured at their Studio Press Shoot at Ipswich Sports Club, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK on 09 March 2016. Picture: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Paco Castagna and Nico Covatti had spoken about one day riding in the same team together – and this season it is going to happen.

The two Italians lined up at the Ipswich Witches press day yesterday, striking up a friendship they already enjoy.

“We said, one day, we will ride in the same team,” Castagna said.

“Now it is happening, it’s so good.”

Son of former Ipswich favourite Armando Castagna, Paco knows he has big boots to fill if he is to be as good as his father.

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However, Castagna junior doesn’t lack charisma or personality and he is determined to make a mockery of his 3.33 average.

“I know people might expect me to be as good as my dad, but that is going to be tough, especially at first,” he said.

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“My dad was very popular and I will hope to be popular too.

“I want to get my average up to six points, seven points a meeting, double what it is now, who knows?

“I’m so happy to be an Ipswich asset, that is very important for me and I want to celebrate lots of race wins with the Ipswich fans.”

Covatti, meanwhile, has enjoyed a fruitful winter, winning the Argentinian Championships and lapping up the sunshine!

“It has been very good for me, winning the Championship and I have been in t-shirt and shorts most of the time,” he said.

“It’s a bit cold coming back to Ipswich.”

Covatti was the Witches rider of the season in 2015 as he put three points on his average.

But he knows it will be a different story this year.

“Last year I had a low average but riding in the team from the start will be different this year,” he said.

“But I like Ipswich a lot and I am really looking forward to the season.”

Castagna, meanwhile, is hoping to win plenty of races and celebrate accordingly!

“I like celebrating,” he said.

“Fans like to see riders celebrate and I like to do that.

“It is a real chance for me this season and I was disappointed with the 16-lapper at Ipswich which I rode in last season, but I had loads of bike problems. This year is a fresh start. We have a strong team and we will get in the play-offs.”

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