Hurst outlines his desire for Town to play ‘no regrets’ football

Paul Hurst officially started work as Ipswich Town manager last Monday. Photo: Steve Waller

Paul Hurst officially started work as Ipswich Town manager last Monday. Photo: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

New Ipswich Town manager Paul Hurst says he wants his team to play ‘no regrets’ football.

The 43-year-old, who was head-hunted from Shrewsbury Town this summer following their against-the-odds third-place finish in League One, has outlined a football philosophy based on supreme fitness, high intensity and attacking intent.

“I have got a very clear idea of how we want to play,” said the former Ilkeston, Boston and Grimbsy boss.

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“It’s important you don’t get caught up in thinking you go up a level and suddenly the game changes.

“Yes, of course, there are different styles. More teams will pass the ball more often (in the Championship). A lot of games I’ve watched teams tend to let you have the ball. It’s a little bit slower, the build-up, at times.

“A lot of my principles I want to bring to this football club. It would foolish to go away from what’s served me well at previous clubs. We’ll try and implement that over time on the training ground.

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“Overall I want us to be positive, I want us to be on the front foot, I want us to have a go. If it doesn’t always work out I’d rather come off and either pay respect to the opposition or say we weren’t quite good enough, but we did have a go and were left with no regrets.

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“Naturally over the course of the season there will be performances we are not happy with, but if in general the performance levels are good then you give yourself a chance of winning games of football.

“Right from day one I’ll be drumming it into them that we have to make it very difficult when the opposition has got the ball. And when we get it I want us to try and pass the ball, because while you’ve got the football the opposition can’t score.

“I think we’ve got some very good players who will enjoy playing that way.”

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He continued: “I’m confident in terms of my ability and (assistant) Chris (Doig’s), but it is the highest level that we’ve managed at and I’ve not got an ego that thinks anything other than we have to gain the players’ respect as well.

“You hope that happens naturally, but I want to show them that we are capable and we have their best interests at heart. Ultimately we have got to find a common goal. And a common goal for me is to be as successful as we can.

“What’s deemed a success will transpire over the season. And I think we have got to be realistic about what that can be. But at the same time I want people to be ambitious and hungry to be the best that they can be as individuals and we can be as a football club.”

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Hurst added: “We’ve got to manage expectations, but I do want us to be really looking forward to the new season with an optimism. Let’s see what we can do.

“I don’t want to be putting any limits on anything, but at the same time we’re not going to come in and make any false promises.

“Until I really get to work with this group of players, maybe add one or two, then you can maybe make a little bit of a call on that.

“Last season at my old club showed what can be achieved. I can’t promise that, but it’s about working hard and working together. Everyone has got to be together – including the fans.”