Paula Radcliffe opposed to increased budget for Olympic ceremonies

PAULA Radcliffe has labelled the Government’s decision to double the budget for next year’s opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympics as “frivolous”.

The 37-year-old marathon runner, who will be competing in her fifth successive Olympics, believes there are better uses for the money, highlighting grass-roots sport as a prime example.

Olympics minister Hugh Robertson announced on Monday that an extra �41million of public money would be spent on the ceremonies to go alongside cash from the London organising committee.

“I think it is a little bit frivolous to throw a lot at it given the fact we are in a recession,” said Radcliffe.

“The money could be thrown at other areas such as grass-roots sports.

“The Games are costing quite a bit as it is and it would be better off spent in ways which would give more back long term.

“I think the way the Games are organised, and the atmosphere of the whole thing, is what people remember, as opposed to the opening ceremony.”

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Robertson claims the extra money will act as an investment to attract business and tourism to Britain when the Olympics begin next year.

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