Payne preparing for open water event

OPEN WATER World champion Keri-anne Payne believes the hype surrounding the Olympics has yet to hit fever pitch.

Payne is looking to at least replicate her silver medal from Beijing four years ago and is currently preparing for the summer Games, with a trip to a race in Isreal and the British Gas Great Swim in Windermere on the agenda.

“It’s still a long way away and there are major things like the Premier League still happening,” said the Stockport ITCD swimmer.

“I am sure when we get closer to the Games things will start happening more and more.

“I wouldn’t expect everybody to be running around talking about the Olympics every day from now until then because they’ll get bored of it before the Olympics comes.”

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Payne spent a practice session in Lake Windermere last week where she will also return to in June, before the big one at the Olympics in Hyde Park.

“There are not really any extremes in Britain. I’ve not really done that many because it’s a bit cold here and I’ve only really done the Great Swims and one 5k by City Airport in London,” said the Johannesburg-born swimmer

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“More the absolute beauty of Lake Windermere means it has been the best swim for me in Britain.

“Swimming around the course the day before, having a look at it, stopping and looking at the beautiful countryside. It was probably one of the most memorable swims I have done in Britain. I took a second to take it in.”

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