Positive Risager tells his team-mates to ‘keep up the pressure’ as Panthers come to Foxhall in Premier League clash

Morten Risager

Morten Risager - Credit: Picture: Stephen Waller

Morten Risager has told his Ipswich Witches team-mates to ‘keep up the pressure’ because second place in the Premier League table is not out of the question.

The Witches currently hold second place but only have two meetings of the regular season left (the top two get choice of opposition in the play-offs) and Edinburgh have meetings in hand..

But Risager remains optimistic: “We have to get all three points against Peterborough on Thursday and then try for four at Plymouth on Saturday,” the Dane said.

“You never know what the weather will be like and having all the points on the board could prove crucial.

“If Edinburgh can’t get all their meetings ridden, then you never know, we could finish second.”

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Tonight, Risager and the Witches will look to keep their good form going against a Peterborough side who are still desperately trying to get themselves into the play-off picture and are in the middle of a hectic spell of racing to get their fixtures completed.

The Panthers had a double-header home victory over Scunthorpe and Plymouth on Tuesday, ride at Rye House Wednesday night, Ipswich Thursday and are then at Scunthorpe on Friday night.

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Premier league table – top six in play-offs

P Pts.

Somerset 25 61

Ipswich 26 54

Edinburgh 20 51

Berwick 23 50

Scunthorpe 23 40

Newcastle 26 33

Peterborough 20 30

Redcar 26 29

Workington 17 27

Glasgow 22 27

Plymouth 24 24

Rye House 23 18

Sheffield 19 16

Ipswich Witches: R Tungate, R Hawkins, M Risager, G Manzares, R Worrall, A Ellis, C Heeps.

Peterborough Panthers: L Bjerre, A Roynon, R Hall, U Ostergaard, A Dryml, M Dilger, N Barrett

Mike’s prediction: Witches 56 Panthers 37

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