QPR boss Ian Holloway issues passionate defence of Ipswich Town manager and ‘good mate’ Mick McCarthy

QPR manager Ian Holloway can't look during the Ipswich Town v Queens Park Rangers (Sky Bet Champions

QPR manager Ian Holloway can't look during the Ipswich Town v Queens Park Rangers (Sky Bet Championship) match at Portman Road, Ipswich, on 26 November 2016. Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Queens Park Rangers boss Ian Holloway issued a passionate defence of his Ipswich Town counterpart and ‘good mate’ Mick McCarthy after his own team lost 3-0 at Portman Road on Saturday.

Holloway, who is back at the R’s for a second spell at the helm, was talking about his own team’s performance when, totally unprompted, he went off on a tangent appearing to criticise Blues owner Marcus Evans.

He said: “Everybody thinks they should be at the top of the table now – particularly here, don’t you? Yeah? Particularly here.

“I would just like to remind you ‘where were you when Mick McCarthy first turned up?’ How short memories you have, with the greatest of respect. It’s not the best thing to sell all your best players all the time is it? Seven points you had.

“Never mind about going up, what about not going down? What about keep building? It don’t make sense for me, sorry.

“He’s a good mate of mine and I’m only being realistic. Don’t bring your own woes and chuck it at someone – that’s how I feel. Ask why you have to keep selling your best players all the time. You got someone from non-league (Tyrone Mings) and sold him for eight million. Is that what Mick wants to do? I doubt it.

“Just have a bit of a thought sometimes, that’s all I’m saying, and then you might get what you want for Christmas.

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“I’m hope you don’t mind me saying that and think I’m making a big story of it, but I’m just saying have a little look where you were and have a little think about who you are having a go at. That’s all I’m saying.”