Quirky finish to cyclo-cross meet

A race-long battle between junior David Nichols and veteran Mick Bell ended in slightly quirky fashion in the third round of the EADT Cyclo-Cross League.

By Fergus Muir

A race-long battle between junior David Nichols and veteran Mick Bell ended in slightly quirky fashion in the third round of the EADT Cyclo-Cross League.

The pair, 30 years apart in age, worked well together, building a clear lead, and were about a minute short of the finish when a lapped rider, trying to keep out of the way, jumped to an unexpected side and both leaders were forced off the course.

Faced with the emergency, fireman Bell, from London Fire Service CC, turned around quicker than KEGS Chelmsford student Nichols and the race was effectively decided. Glendene CC member Nichols has, however, made extraordinary progress since last season when he finished third in the Youth section of the EADT League.

The course, in folds of green countryside off the Colne Valley at Sible Hedingham, featured steep descents and sharp climbs, and the crashing and clashing of gears as competitors raced from one to the other were heard throughout the day.

Ipswich BC's Dave Copland and Gavin Rumbles of Trek/VW both derailed their chains on the first lap. Rumbles was passed by about 40 riders but worked his way back to take fourth overall. Copland fell to 78th but climbed back to 21st.

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Clive Ling (Diss & District) ran half a lap to the pits carrying his disabled bike.

Jen Ives (Interbike RT), who was the women's winner at Fakenham last week, lost her chain vaulting the double log obstacle and this week the prize went to Ford CC rider Rachel Moss from Maylandsea.

Nathan Miller, second at Fakenham, was in the leading group early on but two punctures put him out of contention, though he almost matched the leader's pace and finished third.

Testing though it was, this is a fine course - “something of everything” said VC Norwich's Neil Stevens.

Spurred by entering a new National Trophy age group - 50+ - Tim Butler (Ipswich BC) is fitter than for some years, according to his Computrainer, and was in fine form, taking sixth place overall, one place ahead of Julian Parker, who finished ahead of Ian Newby (Diss & District) and Craig Beech (Interbike).

In the Youth race, Luke Newby (Diss & District) and Matt Cook (Mildenhall CC) set the pace after Tom Castle's rear wheel came loose after a tumble.

Cook climbed well but lost time in the pits after a bike change went wrong. Newby, the 2006/7 Youth champion, put in a confident display to win, though only four seconds up on Cook and 17 seconds on Ipswich BC rider Castle.

Hugo Robinson, riding hard with fellow Ipswich racer Will Meadows, was first U14 home, sixth overall.

Team Darenth youngster Jez McCann was unchallenged in the Under 12s race, finishing a minute clear of Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno)

Seniors, Juniors, Veterans, Women: 1 Mick Bell Vet (London Fire Brigade CC) 11 laps in 1:00:14; 2 David Nichols 1st Jun (Glendene CC/Bike Trax) +0:07; 3 Nathan Miller 1st Senior. (53-12 Multisports) +1:19; 4 Gavin Rumbles Vet (Trek VW) +2:33; 5 Chris Atkins (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next) +4:05; 6 Tim Butler Vet (Ipswich BC) +4:15; 7 Julian Parker Vet (Ipswich BC) +4:26; 8 Ian Newby (Diss & District CC) +4:27; 9 Craig Beech (Interbike RT) +5:13; 10 Martin Carter (Unattached) +5:28; 11 Ben Spashett (XRT/Elmy Cycles) +5:28; 12 Adam Keer (Ipswich BC) +5:52; 13 Craig Stevens Vet (PCA Ciclos Uno) +6:03; 14 Dan Oakley (Chelmer CC) +6:11; 15 Ben Paton (Angliasport) +6:21; 16 Jim Hardwicke Vet (Plomesgate CC) +1 lap +0:12; 17 Geoff Bores Vet (Ford CC) +1 lap +0:45; 18 John Terrell Vet (Ipswich BC) +1 lap +0:47; 19 Stephen Brazier Vet (SiS) +1 lap +0:59; 20 Neil Stevens (VC Norwich / Fitt Signs) +1 lap +1:25; 21 Dave Copland Vet (Ipswich BC) +1 lap +1:44; 22 Mark Thomson (St Ives CC) +1 lap +1:54; 23 Mike Auger (Unattached) +1 lap +2:01; 24 Colin Cracknell Vet (Ipswich BC) +1 lap +2:19; 25 Rob Hunt (API/Metrow) +1 lap +2:19; 26 Kevin Barker (PCA Ciclos Uno) +1 lap +2:31; 27 Kevin Wilby (Ipswich BC) +1 lap +2:48; 28 Clive Harrison Vet (Ford CC) +1 lap +3:01; 29 Philip Peacock Vet (St Ives CC) +1 lap +3:42; 30 Alan Lovegrove Vet (North Road CC) +1 lap +3:54;

Youth: 1 Luke Newby (Diss & District CC) 5 laps in 29:16; 2 Matthew Cook (Mildenhall CC) +0:04; 3 Tom Castle (Ipswich BC) +0:17; 4 Sam Fry (Interbike RT) +0:20; 5 William Meadows (Ipswich BC) +0:58; 6 Hugo Robinson 1st Yth/U14. (Ipswich BC) +0:58; 7 Robert Green (Ipswich BC) +2:35; 8 Patrick Scarboro (Team Darenth) +3:27; 9 Oliver Rossi (Lee Valley Youth CC) +4:40; 10 William Adams (Mildenhall CC) +5:09;

Under 12: 1 Jez McCann (Team Darenth) 8 laps in 14:44; 2 Sean Dunlea (PCA Ciclos Uno) +1:00; 3 Joseph Fry (Welwyn Wheelers) +1:10; 4 Alwyn Newstead (Ipswich BC) +1:11; 5 Jack Hardwicke (Plomesgate CC) +1:27; 6 James Arden (Norwich ABC) +1:46; 7 Will Street 1st U10 (Welwyn Wheelers) +2:04; 8 Tristan Price U10 (Chelmer CC) +1 lap +0:30; 9 Tom Street (Welwyn Wheelers) +1 lap +0:51; 10 James Jackson U10 (Colchester Rovers) +1 lap +2:11.