Ramgarhia 1 Clacton 2

Division Three South EastRamgarhia 1 Clacton 2 Clacton ended their losing streak with a great team performance that frustrated the individual play of their opponents.

Division Three South East

Ramgarhia 1 Clacton 2

Clacton ended their losing streak with a great team performance that frustrated the individual play of their opponents.

The Seasiders were fast out the blocks as the home side failed to get out of their half for the first ten minutes, but Clacton couldn't convert the early pressure into goals.

The home side looked dangerous on the break but Colin Hook and Nick Key worked well to keep the shots on goal from wide areas where Mike Key could make comfortable saves.

Trevor Sumption and Keith Buxton worked well together to stop any attacks coming down the visitors left with Steven Key and Peter Wright going forward down the right. In the middle Jamie Roberts and Carl Parkes frustrated the opponents with neat possession and uncommitting challenges.

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Up front it was a hard and lonely day for John Hambrook and Danny Clow, but when the ball did get to them they combined well to win vital free hits and short corners for Clacton. At the break it was 0-0 with the home side having the better of the later stages.

When Ric Coleman entered the game in the 60th minute it was time for the training ground to impact the match when Coleman fired in a short corner for his first touch of the game to send the visitors into elation and a 1-0 lead. Nine minutes later Clacton doubled the lead again from a short corner this time it was captain Parkes firing in from the top of the circle.

This signalled a home side to come out and attack for what should have been the last ten minutes, but Clacton were together as a team and there was no gaps to be exposed. Every time the opponents got round one tackle the second was already there taking possession away from them. Man-of-the-match Mike Key made countless saves as the home sides shot on target rattled up and as the minutes ticked down Clacton kept the ball away from the danger areas. Parkes managed to get himself sent off but the ten men of Clacton were more than a match for opponents on the day.

The home side did get the ball in the back of net to make it 1-2 but time had well run out on the home sides efforts. This result sees Clacton safely in the middle of the table at the half way stage. Next week Clacton travel to struggling Maldon for the last fixture before the Christmas break.

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