Rampant Witches hammer into Leicester Lions

Leicester 44 Ipswich 49

IPSWICH Witches picked up three League Cup points with victory at Leicester on Saturday night.

The Foxhall side were at the Lions from the off, hammering home early maximums to leave the home side struggling to keep in touch.

Former Witch Lasse Bjerre had to be brought in as a tactical rider in heat six for the home side, with the Lions already 12 points behind at 21-9.

Although it had the desired effect with a Lions 8-1, Ipswich, led superbly by Leigh Lanham, Kevin Doolan, Dakota North and Rohan Tungate, were soon back on the Lions’ case.

Doolan and North were hitting home 5-1 maximums at will and Ipswich remained well ahead as the meeting settled down in the second half, with a succession of drawn races.

Leicester notched a 5-1 maximum in the last race to deny Ipswich a four-point haul, but it mattered little with the Witches having picked up four points from two good night’s work at Somerset and Leicester to leave them with a real chance of reaching the League Cup final later in the summer.

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The Witches ride Leicester at Foxhall on Good Friday and will be confident of doubling the Lions.

Witches scorers at Leicester: K Doolan 12+2, R Tungate 12+1, L Lanham 11+1, D North 9+2, C Heeps 3+1, M Tresarrieu 3.

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