Ron’s passion is a skilful art

THERE are plenty of passionate people in the world of golf.

THERE are plenty of passionate people in the world of golf.

But you would be hard-pressed to meet anyone more passionate than Ron Hewlett – even his lovely little Westie dog is called ‘Monty’!

The Woodbridge Golf Club member not only loves his golf, but his hobby is dabbling in the skilled art of club-making.

Ron, who bizarrely achieved his only hole in one on June 8, 1988, with an 8-iron on the eighth at Rushmere, offers a personal service to golfers who want a club or clubs hand-made, or just checked over.

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And while he is never going to put Titleist, Callaway or Mizuno out of business, Ron’s is a hobby that has much to offer – not least the fact you can enjoy a golfing chat with a man who loves the game.

“I love what I do,” he said.

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“My club making interest started when I was playing golf with a guy in 1994 and I looked at one of his clubs and he told me he made it himself.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was a wonderful-looking club.

“I bought it for �50 and then went on a few club-making courses to find out how I could do it.

“I do a few repairs and make a few clubs. It’s a very personal service to golfers, mainly my family and friends, because no set of clubs will ever suit the same person.”

Ron was Rushmere Golf Club captain in 1997 and a member for more than 30 years.

He now enjoys his golf at Woodbridge and is one of 249 members of the Golf Clubmakers’ Association in England.

His love of the game has seen him make two sets of golf clubs for former Ipswich Witches speedway star Kim Jansson, who is now sadly paralysed after a crash in his native Sweden.

“Before his crash, Kim loved golf,” said Ron.

“I made him a set of clubs for here in England and a set for Sweden, where he lived. I’ve helped sponsor a few golf days through my company RSH Golf Supplies and I even gave one of my hand-made clubs to Steve Backley – the Olympic javelin thrower – after he liked it when we played on a charity day together.”

And it isn’t just celebrities who have taken a shine to Ron’s golfing skills. Even local professionals have nipped round to see Ron to ask for help in sorting out a club.

Ron has a skill he has worked hard to achieve. And some of his happiest times have been restoring clubs, including old wooden clubs.

“I loved the old wooden-headed clubs,” he admits.

“They are great to get looking good again. But times have changed and you don’t see so many of them.”

However, if anyone does want one making new again . . .

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