Roy Keane tried to change the colour of Ipswich Town’s home shirts

Former ITFC boss Roy Keane involved in alleged incident with ROI fan at team hotel

Former ITFC boss Roy Keane involved in alleged incident with ROI fan at team hotel - Credit: Archant

Former Ipswich Town boss Roy Keane has revealed that he asked owner Marcus Evans if he could change the colour of the club’s home shirts during his time in charge.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Keane reiterated comments he made in his recent book The Second Half regarding his dislike of the colour blue – the colour worn by the fierce rivals of his clubs Manchester United and Celtic.

“Rangers, (Manchester) City, sorry, I can’t be doing with blue,” he said. “Childish? Yeah, obviously. But I did once say to the owner, ‘Any chance we might be able to change the colour of the kit?’

“He said, ‘Nah, there’d be uproar’. Which at Ipswich meant four people taking to the streets.”

Keane also talks about an unsuccessful team meeting which took place in the wake of a poor performance.

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“So I say: ‘Right, you can say what you like, lads. Who’s first?’ The centre-half sticks his hand up. And he’s been really getting on my nerves. But I say, ‘OK, what’s your problem?’

“And he goes: ‘Every time I get the ball, no one’s showing for me.’ Well, I lose my temper at that. I give him a right pasting, you useless this, you useless that, you couldn’t find a team-mate with a pass if he was standing two foot in front of you.

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“Then when I’ve finished I go: ‘Anyone else got anything to say? Thought not.’ Afterwards I’m talking to the staff and I go: ‘How do you think that went lads?’ Not well was the general opinion.”

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