‘Sackers’ Witches pick up the cup

Rye House 49 Ipswich 41. Ipswich win 97-88 on agg

IPSWICH ‘Sackers’ Witches picked up their first piece of silverware for the new season with an aggregate victory over Rye House last night.

The home side beat the Witches 49-41, but the visitors from Suffolk won this Anglian Cup clash 97-88 on aggregate, having won by 17 points at Foxhall on Thursday.

Jerran Hart was the star man for the Witches with four wins in his 12 point haul and he was ably backed up by Kevin Doolan and Taylor Poole.

Lasse Bjerre suffered a fall and engine problems in his final two rides, while Poole, Chris Mills and Chris Schramm all suffered falls.

For the Rockets, Nelson, the young Australian was in sparkling form with 14 points, while Jason Doyle, guesting from Poole, also netted a paid 14 points.


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Rye House: Jordan Frampton 7, Luke Bowen 8, Ritchie Hawkins 1+1, Joe Haines 5+2, Jason Doyle 13+1, Ben Morley 1, Nelson 14.

Ipswich: Kevin Dooland 11+1, Taylor Poole 7+2, Lasse Bjerre 5, R/R, Chris Schramm 4, Jerran Hart 12, Chris Mills 2.

PICTURES from the meeting, plus quotes from the Ipswich riders in Monday’s Evening Star and EADT.