League One salary cap vote next week - with doubts it will be approved

The EFL is set to vote on a League One salary cap today. Photo: Archant/PA

The EFL is set to vote on a League One salary cap today. Photo: Archant/PA - Credit: Archant

A vote on the controversial League One salary cap is expected next week - with the chairman of one of Ipswich Town’s promotion rivals saying he doesn’t think it’s certain it will get passed.

The proposed limit for third tier sides is £2.5m - a move designed to bring costs down across the board, make the game more sustainable and level the playing field.

But it would be a real test for the Blues, who are thought to have a wage bill in the region of £5-6m, and the likes of Portsmouth and Sunderland, who splashed out around £10m on player pay last season.

It’s been reported that any side which goes over the cap would be fined £3 for every £1 they exceed it - so, for example, if Town had a wage bill of £5m, they could face a fine of £7.5m.

Mark Catlin, Pompey CEO, is expecting the plan to be voted on during an EFL meeting next week.

He told the Portsmouth News: “I don’t think there is a certainty that the salary cap will go through.

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“There seems to be an ever-growing number of clubs which may vote against it, but I think a lot of those may look at it and, given the financial situation, see it as the best of a bad job.

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“It doesn’t tick everyone’s boxes, but, on the whole, it means clubs’ costs are going to be brought down.

“Unfortunately for us, they are going to be brought down to a level which is far too low for Pompey and too high for other clubs.”

The clubs relegated from the Championship - Hull, Wigan and Charlton – will also be allowed to vote on the move.

“I have been speaking to quite a few of the Championship clubs ahead knowing the relegation spaces, so they are up to speed with the situation and must now come to their own decisions,” Catlin said.

“Obviously the three relegated Championship clubs all have their own internal issues at the moment financially, so we’ll have to see how they do this.

“I am pretty certain the vote will take place on August 6, so we will find out soon.”

In contrast, the Championship is looking at a salary cap of £18m, and League Two at just £1m.

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