Scunthorpe boss wants justice for Josh Auty after Rohan Tungate incident

Rohan Tungate was involved in a controversial incident with Josh Auty on Friday night. Picture: Stev

Rohan Tungate was involved in a controversial incident with Josh Auty on Friday night. Picture: Steve Waller - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

The dust has yet to settle on Ipswich Witches’ controversial Premier League clash with Scunthorpe Scorpions on Friday night.

The meeting descended into chaos at one point after Witches’ Aussie star Rohan Tungate and home No.1 Josh Auty clashed at the end of heat 10.

Auty was left on the deck nursing a hand injury after a clash with Tungate that the Ipswich rider has since denied was deliberate.

There followed a track protest led by Scunthorpe owner Rob Godfrey, Auty and others, before a fight near the pits ensued at the end of heat 14 after Nike Lunna of Scunthorpe and Ashley Morris had a coming together.

While Ipswich boss Chris Louis is satisfied referee Peter Clarke dealt with it all on the night and therefore no repercussions will be forthcoming, Scorpions team manager Dave Peet sees it differently.

“We’re not in this to cause problems for the Ipswich Witches,” Peet said.

“A rider cannot be seen to seemingly take the law into his own hands.

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“It may have been done in the heat of the moment, but it’s still unacceptable, and we have a rider who could be sitting on the sidelines for the rest of the season because of it.

“What we’re primarily after is justice for that.”

Scunthorpe have placed an official protest to the Speedway Control Board, including a video of the incident that was doing the rounds on social media.

Peet added: “These things should not happen. The referee said he didn’t see it. The clerk of the course, who wasn’t our normal clerk of the course, also said he didn’t see it.

“I gave the referee my version of events – that Rohan Tungate had rode straight into Josh Auty on the second bend after the race, and he also got Josh’s version of events.

“The referee spoke to the Ipswich team manager Phil Hilton, who said he didn’t see it, and then the referee got Tungate’s version of events.

“And the referee decided to give Tungate the maximum fine, but decided not to ban him from the rest of the meeting.

“Had the referee seen it, I have no doubt Tungate would have been thrown out of the clash.”

Meanwhile Witches skipper Danny King said: “It was a heated night, there were three or four unpleasant things going on, riders kicking out at each other, fights breaking out. Obviously Josh getting hurt has brought this one to the fore.

“But Rohan has apologised and he would never have wanted to hurt another rider.”

Should the Speedway Control Board rule against Tungate, he could face more fines or even a ban – something that would seriously hit the Witches season which is starting to come together now.

Whatever the outcome, Louis will not want to lose Tungate for any length of time, or have his points docked from the meeting, which would then result in a defeat for the Witches.

On Thursday, Ipswich entertain Glasgow at Foxhall Stadium.

Gino Manzares, who crashed last Thursday and suffered a bruised back, will be back for the Witches.

The Tigers are flying high in the play-off positions, while the Witches have already lost two Premier League meetings at home – and drawn two more.

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