Danny King: I’ll tell you who I want in the Premiership play-offs....

Danny King.. Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com

Danny King.. Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Witches skipper Danny King looks forward to the British GP and the play-offs that are looming for the Witches.

From the left, Kyle Howarth, Danny King, Sam Masters and Richard Lawson race towards the first bend.

From the left, Kyle Howarth, Danny King, Sam Masters and Richard Lawson race towards the first bend. Howarth and King will be partners in the Championship pairs at Somerset on Friday Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Well, the season is coming to an exciting climax and I still have some big meetings left.

I'll come onto the Witches play-off clashes in a while, but this weekend is the biggest meeting in the British speedway calendar - the British GP at Cardiff - and I'm involved.

OK, I'll admit not in the way I would wish and although first reserve means at least I'm part of proceedings, I can't hide from the fact I'd rather be in the main line-up as I was a couple of years ago after winning the British Final.

So, I'll be a bit of a frustrated figure no doubt, deep in the Cardiff pit area.

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As reserve I have to be ready to race should someone go through the tapes, but my pit bay will be miles down the pit lane, right at the back and there is no way I can watch the racing at the pit gate and then sprint down to get ready should I be called upon.

So, I reckon I'll spend all night deep in the depths of the Cardiff pits at the back, watching the action on my monitor, waiting for the call should it come.

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Of course I can't complain, it's better to be involved than not.

But all riders will say they'd rather be in the main event, than reserve.

The night before - on Friday - I'm at Somerset in the Championship Pairs.

Kyle Howarth and I are representing Sheffield. Hopefully Kyle will be ok because he is returning from a shoulder injury.

Of course I was partnering Rohan Tungate back in 2015 when, as Witches riders, we won the title, so I know what a great feeling it can be.

That night we were managed by 'Strawb', who is a well-known and popular figure at Foxhall. What a great job he did that evening.

The pairs is really all about team riding as you get four for a win, three for second and two for third, none for last.

You need to look out for your partner, something I know many fans enjoy seeing and often say they don't see enough in domestic racing.

It would be good to win it again... It would be a nice start to the weekend.

I've been lucky with my team managers this season.

Ritchie Hawkins at Ipswich, and Simon Stead at Sheffield.

Both are young managers, both are good friends and both understand riders which has made them good bosses to have.

I don't think I could be a team manager.

Danny King, British Champion 2016. A runners-up place this year sees Danny at Cardiff again as a res

Danny King, British Champion 2016. A runners-up place this year sees Danny at Cardiff again as a reserve on Saturday in the British GP. Picture: Steve Waller www.stephenwaller.com - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Last season when I was injured, I sat watching the racing and getting very infuriated about it all.

With Alun Rossiter no longer set to be GB boss after many successful years, maybe Ritchie or Steady will get the job. Certainly the authorities could do far worse.

So, Poole on Monday night didn't go quite as planned.

We had decided early on there will be no changes to the programme, so everyone could test out anything they wished.

We very much wanted to win because we knew that would plant a few doubts in the minds of Poole, but in the end we fell short at the death.

Ritchie told us by all means try out a few things if we wished because he certainly didn't want anyone trying out anything next week when the play-offs start.

I had a good meeting at Poole last time, so didn't try out anything new and it worked ok with a couple of wins and a paid eight points.

All the boys went away relatively happy, despite our defeat.

The track was bumpy as you no doubt saw on TV. It's not ideal and very hard to ride. If your back wheel leaves the ground it can be very dangerous, one because on landing it could spin you 360 degrees, or two because it could pick up a lot of traction and throw you forward.

We won't know who are play-off semi-final opponents are until Friday I guess.

Personally, I really don't mind.

We have a better record against Wolves probably, so I may prefer them, but we have done well at both Poole and Swindon.

The play-offs though are a reset.

We all start again and it's simply superb that Ipswich Witches are back in them.

What a season it has been. What a great ride the summer has been.

Let's now finish it off in style.

Next Thursday (26th) is our home leg.

It will be the second leg if we ride Poole, it will be the first leg if we are riding Wolves or Swindon.

Either way, book next Thursday night off!

We want all your support. What a night it promises to be.



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