Suffolk clubs need to be on the ball

OH what a palaver it caused last season with Felixstowe United no doubt still looking back on problems with the automatic match-based suspension system losing them the SIL Senior Division title last term.

This year it comes into operation for all teams – not just senior clubs.

And it is worth issuing a reminder so that secretaries do not fall foul of the regulations this time around.

Suffolk Football Association has held a meeting with clubs within the league to confirm the way the system works with the main points as follows:

All discipline administered on the field of play should be regarded as fact. It should be accepted that suspensions will always commence 21 days from the offence date.

This is whether the relevant paperwork confirming disciplinary action is received or not. Clubs are requested to contact Suffolk FA if they have not had a report within 14 days. Non-receipt of paperwork is not a valid defence in cases where a player has played while under suspension.

Players remain suspended from all football until the required number of matches are served.

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Games to be served against a suspension are team based. A player sent of playing for a reserve team for example must serve the required number of matches for the reserve team.

Clubs who want more information can contact Suffolk FA at 01449 616606 or e-mail

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