Sunday, February 21

ANGLIA ACCESS VETERANS' LEAGUELeague Cup Quarter-finals (kick off 2pm): Framlingham Town v Woodbridge Town, Kirkley & Pakefield v Bungay Town, Poringland Wdrs v Eastern Electricity Old Boys.


League Cup Quarter-finals (kick off 2pm): Framlingham Town v Woodbridge Town, Kirkley & Pakefield v Bungay Town, Poringland Wdrs v Eastern Electricity Old Boys.

League Shield Round Two (kick off 2pm): Sprowston Wdrs v Spixworth Utd.

League Shield quarter-finals (kick off 2pm): Bury Town v FC Fore Hamlet, Harleston Old Boys v Mulbarton Wdrs.

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Premier: Mendlesham v Sophtlogic, Shotley Rose v Kitcheners.

Most Read

Division One: Ipswich Eagles v John Bull Res.

Premier Cup: GLC Utd v Brewers Arms, Ipswich Magpies v John Bull.

Division One Cup: Bramford Cock v AFC Clayd, Real Shepherd & Dog v AFC Maidenhall Res, Shotley Rose Res v Shiplaunch.

Gipping LTL Plate Round Two: AFC Maidenhall v MOTM.


Premier: Ascio v Taverners, Belstead Arms v AFC Woodbridge, Capel Plough v Hadleigh RBL, Ferryboat v Unicorn, Kirton Utd v Locomotive.

Mike Boughey One: Ipswich Thistle v FC Brookhayes, Murray Rgs v Chantry Rgs, Playford v Goddard & Co, Trojans v Felixstowe Harpers.

Russell Morphew One: E & D Ath v Norbridge, Hadleigh Goldstar Ath v Trimley Rgs, Taverners Res v Alderton.

Mike Boughey Two: Chantry Phoenix v Capel Plough Res, Cherrytree v Hadleigh Otto Campanelli.

Mike Boughey Two: Felixstowe Wdrs v Franco's, Martlesham Wdrs v Framlingham Town, Westbourne Warriors v Ipswich Thistle Res, GB v Bawdsey Freight,

Russell Morphew Two: Ipswich Hospitals v Wickham Market, Kirby Street CC v Felixstowe Harpers Res, Rushmere & Rust v Felixstowe Ath, Taydal v Copdock Exiles.

Mike Boughey Three: Ambassadors v Greshams, Claydon 07 v Suffolk County Council, Kesgrave SC v Orwell, Red Star UK v Real Orford.

Russell Morphew Three: RE Utd 86 v Kings Head Old Boys, Sizewell Sports & Social v Bucklesham, Stonham Ath v Walton Rovers, Worlingworth v Holbrook Swan Res.

Russell Morphew Four: Brickies v Ipswich Lions, Felixstowe Dolphins v Easton, Northam Celtic v AFC Bergholt, Orwell Res v Drum & Monkey, Riverside v Brantham Ath, Skyline FC v Adhara.

Mike Boughey Four: Cape Plough A v AFC Holbrook, Claydon Greyhound v HSF Otley College, Finningham Flyers v Elmsett Rose & Crown, Legion Warriors v Leiston Orient, Snape FC v Claydon Galaxy, Whitton Smashers v Ipswich Bulls.

Russell Morphew: Eastern Electricity OB Res v The Raven, Ipswich Rgs v Grosvenor FC, Red Hawk Rgs v Chantry Rgs Res, Rushmere & Diamonds v Kesgrave SC Res, Stowmarket All Stars v Kesgrave Utd, Trinity v The Old Times.


Under Eight

League: Stowupland Falcons v Ipswich Valley Rgs B, Thetford Independent v Moreton Hall.

Under Nine

Division One: Moreton Hall Needham Market Phoenix B, Needham Market Phoenix A v Mendlesham, St Johns v Hadleigh Utd, Stowmarket Town v Stowupland Falcons B, Stowupland Falcons A v Ipswich Valley Rgs.

Under 10

Division One: Ransomes v Stowmarket Town B, Thetford Ind v Stanton A, Tuddenham A v Ipswich Thistle.

Division Two: Bury Town v Moreton Hall, Elmswell v Stowupland Falcons, Ipswich Valley Rgs B v Achilles B, Mendlesham A v Ipswich Valley Rgs A, Stanton B v Stowmarket Town A.

Division Three: Chantry Grasshoppers v Abbey Saints, Honington Foxes A v Mendlesham B, Thurston v Honington Foxes B.

Under 11

Division One: Brandon Lads v Achilles, Moreton Hall A v Stowupland Falcons A, St Johns v CFC Bury, Stowmarket Town A v Moreton Hall B.

Division Two: East Bergholt Utd v Whitton SC, Elmswell v Stowmarket Town B, Needham Market v Phoenix Bury Town B.

Under 12

League Cup A: Bury Tigers v Ipswich Valley Rgs A, Honington Foxes v Thurston RAF, Tollgate v Stowmarket Town.

League Cup B: Elmswell v Moreton Hall, Ipswich Valley Rgs B v Walsham le Willows, Needham Market Phoenix A v Bury Town, Woodbridge Town v Stowupland Falcons.

Under 13

Division One: Bury Town B v Needham Market, Elmswell A v Achilles, Moreton Hall v Bury Town C, Stowmarket Town B v Brandon Lads, Thetford Independent v Cornard Dynamos, Thurston v Woodbridge Town.

Division Two: Barons v Woodlands Colts, Bramford Utd v Bury Town A, Bulldogs v Walsham le Willows, Chantry Grasshoppers v Stowupland Falcons, Honington Foxes v Somersham, Whitton SC v Hadleigh Utd.

Under 14

Division One: Hurricanes v Stowmarket Town, Ipswich Exiles A v Stowupland Falcons A, Thurston v Ipswich Exiles B.

Division Two: Achilles Honington Foxes Copdock, Bulldogs v Barrow postponed, Bury Town B v Ipswich Eagles, Thetford Independent v Chantry Grasshoppers.

League Cup B: Stowupland Falcons B v Tollgate.

Under 15

Division One: Bury Town A v Thetford Ind, KES Utd v CFC Bury A, Stowupland Falcons v Needham Market Phoenix, Whitton SC v Trimley Red Devils.

Division Two: Brandon Lads v East Bergholt Utd, CFC Bury B v Stowmarket Town A, Honington Foxes v Holbrook Hornets, Stowmarket Town C v Bury Town B.

KO Cup: Achilles v Bury Rgs.

Under 16

League Cup A: Bury Town B v Elmsett Ath, CFC Bury A v Stowupland Falcons, Ipswich Exiles v Brandon Lads, Whitton SC v Needham Market Phoenix.

League Cup B: Diss Town v GW Wdrs, Ipswich Warriors v Bury Town A, Walsham le Willows v Sicklesmere Utd.

Under 18

League Cup: Felixstowe & Walton Utd v Moreton Hall, Scole Lads v Bury Town, Stowupland Falcons v Abbeygate, Walsham le Willows v Trimley Red Devils.

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