Sunday, September 28

TREADFIRST SUDBURY & DISTRICT SUNDAY LEAGUE. Division One: Border Ath v Haverhill Bull, Haverhill Snooker & Bowl v Lavenham, Bayhorse v Grampian Sunday, Cole Green v Haverhill Utd Old Boys.


Division One: Border Ath v Haverhill Bull, Haverhill Snooker & Bowl v Lavenham, Bayhorse v Grampian Sunday, Cole Green v Haverhill Utd Old Boys.

Division Two: Super Shooters v AFC Thurlow, Cornard Ath v Ridgewell, Woodlands v Acton Crown.

Division Three: Stoke By Clare v Barnadiston Arms, Figleaves v Dragons, Boxford Rovers v Lionhearts.

Division Four: Glemsford SC v Glemsford & Cavendish, Barnadiston Res v Silkworm, Melford Razors v Arrendene Ath.

Division Five: Delaware Feather Angels v Melford Razors Res.

Most Read

Challenge Cup First Round: Cornard Crusaders v Mount Pleasant.

Division Four Knockout Cup First Round: Herbert Lions v Haverhill Rose Tavern.

Division Five Knockout Cup First Round: Haverhill Town v Northcroft Rgs.


Division One: Bardwell Wasps v Bennett Arms, Coldham Hall v The Bushell, Elmswell Taverners v Eagle 90, Howards v Moreton Hall, Thurston v The Fox.

Division Two: Athletic Moreton Hall v Horringer SCFC, Cock Inn v Tostock, Kennett and Kentford v Rattlesden, Mildenhall Tigers v Atec, Tuddenham 08 v Sealey Vikings.

Division Three: Bury Bowl v Ixworth, Buxhall Utd v Mildenhall Ath, Gt Barton v BS Celtic, Rickinghall Gunners v Rougham Lions, Risby v Euston.

Division Four: Abbotts 07 Ath v Moreton Hall Res, AFC Norton v Mildenhall High Town, Badwell Ash v Flempton Grey Hound, Black Boy v Chedburgh SSFC, Norfolk Terriers v Redcastle Storm.


Under Nine

Division One: Achilles Youth A v Moreton Hall, Elmswell A v Tuddenham Youth, Stow Town Youth A v St Johns, Stowupland Falcons v Thetford Ind.

Division Two: Ipswich Val Rgs B v Stow Town Yth B, Needham Mkt Phoenix A v Ipswich Val Rgs A.

Under 10

Division One: Brandon Lads v Moreton Hall B, CFC Bury v Moreton Hall A, Elmswell A v Elmswell B, Mildenhall Town v Woodbridge Town.

Division Two: Bury Rgs v East Bergholt, Ipswich Val Rgs v Achilles Youth, Needham Mkt Phoenix v Bury Town B, Stow Town Youth A v Stow Town Youth B, Stowupland Falcons B v St Johns.

Under 11

Division One: Bury Tigers v Thurston, Bury Town v Lakenheath Youth, Stow Town Youth v Stowupland Falcons, Thetford Ind v Elmswell.

Division Two: Moreton Hall v Ipswich Val Rgr A, Tollgate v Ipswich Val Rgs B, Walsham Le Willows v Needham Mkt Phoenix B

Under 12

Division One: Bulldogs v Bury Town B, Bury Town C v Needham Mkt Phoenix, Elmswell v Achilles Youth, Hadleigh Utd v Moreton Hall, Stow Town Youth A v Woodbridge Town, Thurston v Thetford Ind.

Division Two: Barons Youth v Stow Town Youth B, Chantry Grasshoppers v Stowupland Falcons, Cornard Dynamos v Somersham, Honington Foxes v Woolpit Youth, Woodland Colts v Whitton SC.

Under 13

Division One: Honington Foxes v Stowupland Falcons A, Ipswich Exiles A v Stow Town Youth, Moreton Hall A v Hurricanes,

Trimley Red Devils v Mildenhall Utd.

Division Two: Barrow v Moreton Hall B, Bramford Utd v Tollgate, Chantry Grasshoppers v Ipswich Exiles B, Elmswell v Bury Town B, Ipswich Eagles v Achilles Youth.

Under 14

Division One: CFC Bury A V Kesgrave Utd, Stowupland Falcons v Trimley Red Devils, Whitton SC v Hadleigh Utd.

Division Two: CFC Bury B v Honington Foxes, East Bergholt v Bury Town B, Needham Mkt Phoenix v Holbrook Hornets, Stow Town Youth A v Stow Town Youth C.

Under 15

Division One: Elmsett Ath v Thetford Ind, Gt Whelnetham v Whitton SC, Ipswich Blades v Needham Mkt Phoenix, Stow Town Yth v Bury Town B.

Division Two: Brandon Lads v Stowupland Falcons, GW Wds v Ipswich Exiles, Ipswich Warriors v Sicklesmere Utd,

Walsham Le Willows v Woodland Colts.

Under 16

Division One: Bressingham Yth v Honington Foxes, Bury Town v Cockfield Utd, Moreton Hall v HLA Castle Camps, Stowupland Falcons v Needham Mkt Phoenix, Wetherden v Hadleigh Utd, Woodbridge Town A v Woodbridge Town B.

Under 18

Division One: Felixstowe & Walton v Abbeygate Youth, Scole Lads v Moreton Hall, Trimley Red Devils v Stowupland Falcons.

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