‘There are still times when I think I am not very good’ – Ogogo

WHILE a gold medal represents the ultimate prize for Lowestoft’s Anthony Ogogo, the potential ramifications of such a feat are just as appealing.

The 23-year-old is proud of his Suffolk roots and wants to leave a long-lasting legacy for the county’s up-and-coming sports talent to follow.

Ogogo began boxing as a wiry 12-year-old but is evidence of what can be achieved with the right application and attitude.

He may be talented with his fists but just as important is his image outside of the ring and his amiable personality is proof that his words are more than just cheap sound-bites.

“There are a few hot-beds in amateur boxing, the likes of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool,” said Ogogo.

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“Sleepy Lowestoft has never really produced anyone of note so it is nice to be able to break the mould. One of my biggest wishes is to be the best boxer I can and inspire the next generation of athletes.

“I would love nothing more than to come back with an Olympic medal around my neck, preferably a gold one, and then, as a result, see all the boxing clubs in the Eastern Counties rammed with youngsters wanting to be me.

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“That is not me being arrogant, that is me wanting to inspire. I am proud to be from Suffolk and I want to bring great nights of sport back to the region.”

The former Kirkley High School pupil does not lack confidence and certainly carries an aura that turns heads.

He has been a contestant on Big Brother, done his fair share of modelling and posed for Attitude magazine yet, when stripped bare, he has the same insecurities as anyone else.

“There are still times when I think that I’m not very good,” he admits.

“I know I have talent but that is more for the coaches and people watching to judge.

“Maybe I am too hard on myself but I very rarely say I boxed well.”

Such humility may have a lot to do with Ogogo’s upbringing, living with his mum Teresa and four sisters, Carly, 19, Toni, 25, Leanne, 27, and Joanne, 29.

“I draw inspiration from all different places, the likes of Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard,” explained Ogogo.

“But my mum and four sisters inspire me. We are close-knit.

“If I start getting too big for my boots they will bring me down a peg or too.

“We are too close a unit for anyone to let me get big-headed.

“I am one of the most laid-back people you could meet.”

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