Thousands of donations pour into charity

THOUSANDS upon thousands of donations have been pouring into Sir Bobby Robson's cancer charity since his death.

Colin Adwent

THOUSANDS upon thousands of donations have been pouring into Sir Bobby Robson's cancer charity since his death.

Liz Luff, a spokeswoman for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, said the amount of financial pledges almost defied belief.

Since the 76-year-old football icon died on Friday the charity's website has been inundated with donations and promises of money.

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Further pledges have also been made around the country, along with many promises of fundraising events.

The response is a sign that the former Ipswich and England manager's true legacy will reach well beyond football.

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His courage, dignity and spirit have heightened the profile for cancer research in this country.

Speaking about the number of pledges and donations on the website, Mrs Luff said yesterday: “It's phenomenal. It is difficult to put a specific number on them because of the volume.

“There is page after page after page after page on the Just Giving website.

“Sir Bobby is a huge inspiration. He fought cancer five times. Anybody who has been diagnosed with this horrendous illness will draw inspiration from that and be inspired by him.

“We have had an awful lot of people getting in touch.

“Everybody wants to do something. Everybody wants to make a contribution, large or small.

“They want to do something to remember Sir Bobby, not just because of football, but beyond.

“If he did anything he did it wholeheartedly. If you set up anything he would do it.

“People have been giving all this money. It's extremely appreciated and will be extremely useful.”

Mrs Luff said �1,200 was donated by mourners signing the book of condolence for Sir Bobby at Newcastle's ground on Saturday.

She expected more donations would follow at St James' Park yesterday as queues of people turned up to pay homage.

The majority of the foundation's money goes towards clinical trials for prospective cancer drugs and treatments to beat the illness.

Mrs Luff said: “The thing with the Sir Bobby Robson cancer trials research centre is that patients go to the centre and will volunteer to take part in the trials of new drugs or new treatment. Largely speaking, those are patients for whom existing cancer treatments haven't worked.

“They want to feel like they are doing something. They want to help in the long-term fight against cancer, a lot of the time knowing that won't benefit them.

“Bobby was one of those people,

“People who have cancer, and who have that selflessness, identify with Bobby.”

If you want donate money to his cancer charity, pledges can be sent by cheque payable to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation c/o PO Box 307, Heaton NE7 7OG or by logging on to

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