‘Thank God, just at the right time’ – Town fans on Hurst sacking and Lambert links

Paul Hurst has been sacked as Ipswich Town manager. Picture: STEVE WALLER

Paul Hurst has been sacked as Ipswich Town manager. Picture: STEVE WALLER - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Ipswich Town fans have been taking to social media to share their views on Paul Hurst’s sacking and the news that Paul Lambert is set to replace him in the Portman Road hotseat.

Paul Lambert looks set to take over at Town. Picture: FOCUS IMAGES

Paul Lambert looks set to take over at Town. Picture: FOCUS IMAGES - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

On our Kings of Anglia Facebook page, Dave Gaught said: “Genuinely gutted it didn’t work out for Hurst. I, like others, was happy with his appointment but it hasn’t worked out for him at all. I hope he and his coaching staff learn and return to management somewhere.

“Regarding Lambert, yes he did do well at Norwich which itself doesn’t bother me too much. What interests me more is if he can do a job with the squad already here, and what can he add in January??

“He knows the league and the trials and tribulations of it. What would concern me more than his Norwich connections would be his track record since he left them.

“Aston Villa and Stoke weren’t saved by him! But saying that, if he is appointed, I wish him more luck than Hurst and I will be behind him to pull us away from the foot of the table!”

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Tim Hands said he’d want: “Burley, Butcher, Klug and Dyer. Burley has done it before so what if he has not managed for a few years he still knows the game.

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“Butcher will get the defence sorted. Klug for obvious reasons and Dyer because he has started well in coaching and will bring a freshness to it.

“I would not give Lambert long before he is turned on. Yes did well at Norwich but not great since.”

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Jordan Addison said: “Thank God, just at the right time – Lambert will provide experience and knowledge of how to stay and go up and will help this team massively in my personal opinion.”

Michael Barnes added: “Anyone but Burley. He was great for us years ago but we need to move forward and not go backwards!

Butcher will hardly set the Championship on fire. I hate to say it but Lambert may just work out!”

Jacqui Cole wrote: “Hope the players Paul brought in don’t get victimised by the fans now. Nolan’s near miss at goal at Leeds would have been a good one – they would have been calling him a hero if he had.”

Mark Johnson said: “Football has changed and not for the better. Money rules. Dropping to League One is unthinkable. Fair play to Evans it’s his mistake and he is trying to correct it.

“I am sure Paul Hurst is a lovely guy but anyone who has seen us play recently must realise he was out of his depth. The whole thing has become a shambles.

“The tabloids said Ipswich are a team waiting for defeat! Whoever takes over will need to be a miracle worker to keep us up.”

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Ashers Leach said: “It’s a huge gamble - if he succeeds, if we win and play better, if we stay up. All ifs. But he will be a hero in the current climate.

“But if it goes wrong the stick and abuse Evans gets for getting an ex-Norwich manager in will be huge. And I could see a even bigger fall-out with fans.

“But lets hope if it is Lambert he will get the club stable again and stay up.”

Kieran Spooner said: “If he can do the job I don’t care. I’m not bothered about his Norwich past. I feel sorry for Hurst but staying up is our main priority.”

Ian Thompson added: “Got no Norwich hang-ups. Joe Royle was a fantastic gaffer at the club’s lowest time.”

On Twitter, Matt Phillips said: “Lambert is a left field appointment for ITFC but pretty astute from Evans in my book – highly experienced manager still in his 40s (just!), coaching badges in Germany, seasons in PL and Champ plus has a League 1 title under his belt, if we do fall through the trapdoor.”

Alistair Rattray added: “Show me a single club, anywhere, who have kept a manager with no wins in his first 10 games and who turned it around.

“ITFC would be naive as a club to hang on to the hope that this was the unique manager in history who would do that. They already gave him a month more anyway.”

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