Transfer deadline day: The diary of an Ipswich Town fan

It's transfer deadline day. Picture: STEVE WALLER WWW.STEPHENWALLER.COM

It's transfer deadline day. Picture: STEVE WALLER WWW.STEPHENWALLER.COM - Credit: Picture: Steve Waller

Football fans up and down the country will be holding their breath as their clubs bid to make late deals. Here, Ipswich Town fan Amy Downes charts the day from a Blues perspective.

The 31st January has become an important date in the diary of all football fans, but there’s one supporter who doesn’t enjoy the fuss. As a Town fan, Diary of a Tractor Girl blogger Amy Downes has come to dread this day, here she takes us through how she expects it to go:

06:30: Wake up and check Twitter so you don’t have to get out of bed for another fifteen minutes.

06:31: Groan when realise the date: Transfer Deadline Day. Or for Ipswich Town fans… Wednesday.

07:00: Prepare self for day of hype on football news channels, which will inevitably lead to disappointment.

08:00: Read through interviews with new loan players on way into work, trick self into thinking there is something interesting to be involved with today.

09:00: Turn on computer and discreetly check online to see if we have made any signings yet. Quickly load emails when colleague walks past and pretend to be working.

10:30: Reminisce about the time I was at a transfer window press conference and Jim Magilton revealed David Norris to the room. Ah, the good old days of exciting signings.

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10:35: Spend at least an hour trying to remember when the last unexpected, potentially amazing player was unveiled at Portman Road. Jimmy Bullard? It’s the hope that kills you.

13:00: Overhear colleagues talking about their Premier League team spending 200 million on a European player you’ve never seen play but think you recognise from FIFA.

15:00: Tweets from Town fans descend into gallows humour… ‘lights turned off at Portman Road as staff go home early’, ‘Lionel Messi spotted at Ipswich Train station’. You’ve got to laugh…

17:00: Spend journey home from work bemoaning the fact football has become all about money and wondering if it’ll ever be possible again to make the play-offs on a team that cost £110k.

18:00: Laugh at self for earlier sentimental feelings and rant on Facebook about how Marcus Evans has let another January pass without giving us the chance to compete.

18:30: Feeling ‘anti-modern football’ and annoyed with the amount of money TV has brought into the game – swear to avoid any ‘Deadline Day’ coverage. Bah Humbug.

19:00: Realise nothing else on telly so switch to sports channel and follow intently, listening closely in case Mick McCarthy’s name comes up.

19:30: Roll eyes when Jim White gets overly excited as somebody from Borussia Dortmund signs for Stoke, while Harry Redknapp is interviewed from his car outside a random ground.

19:35: Inwardly admit that you actually enjoy all this, not that you’d admit it to anyone.

20:00: Notice the washing up needs doing… tell self you’ll do it on the next advert break. End up on Twitter to see what people are saying about transfers. Washing up doesn’t get done.

21:00: #DeadlineDay is trending – speak to lots of people I haven’t spoken to for months as we all gather online to talk about the incomings and outgoings at ITFC.

21:30: Conversations become more frustrated, lots of complaining about the manager, others saying the owner has lost interest in the club. Deadline day feels more like Groundhog Day.

22:00: Stare at phone, telly and tablet – all refreshed every 30 seconds to ensure no news is missed. Psychically beg sports presenter to mention Ipswich Town, just so the evening isn’t a waste.

23:05: Crack open a beer. Wish had done it sooner. Same time next year?

You can let Amy know about your deadline day traditions by tweeting her on @TractorGirlAmy8 and join her for a (hopefully) more exciting day on Saturday as she’ll be Vlogging about her trip to Sunderland.

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